all in pursuit, the new figures after four weeks – Libero Quotidiano

all in pursuit, the new figures after four weeks – Libero Quotidiano

Four weeks later, La7 Tg’s Monday poll is back. Back behind the counter, Enrico Mentana showed the results of the latest research conducted by swg: Just like last August 2, the brothers of Italy are at the top of the voting intentions of the Italians. the feast of Giorgia Melonic it is in fact the only one above 20 percent: to be precise it is given to 20.6, unchanged from four weeks ago.

Instead it loses ground Lega, which is back below 20 percent after a long time: Matteo Salvini’s party lost 0.5 in August and stood at 19.8 percent. Slightly further away the Democratic Party, which has not undergone any significant changes: just a +0.1 worth 19.1 percent. Significant increase, however, which was recorded by 5 star movement, which has picked up momentum again under the leadership of Giuseppe Conte, a sign that the former prime minister still enjoys a certain appeal among Italians.

The grillini are admittedly at 16.3 percent (+0.8), but still have a lot of ground to gain from the other three sides. Even if the margins are there, as with all other parties, as Swg has found 42 percent of people who would rather not express a preference. After the first four games, Forza Italia is at 7 percent (+0.2) and Action at 3.7 (-0.2).


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