Bec Judd Unveils Kmart’s $5 Sparkle Gem Art Set That Will Help Her Through Lockdown

Bec Judd Unveils Kmart’s  Sparkle Gem Art Set That Will Help Her Through Lockdown

Keeping kids busy and occupied during lockdown is a mission in itself, but WAG and mom of four Bec Judd may have the answer.

Parents can confirm that life in lockdown with children can get a little difficult. Especially when you have to find endless ways to keep your kids entertained.

But Rebecca Judd may have the solution. The footy WAG and wife of AFL star Chris Judd recently took to her Instagram to reveal the $5 Kmart toy that has kept her twin boys, Darcy and Tom 4, busy for hours.

It is the Sparkle Gem Art Set and perhaps the (very affordable) alternative to the iPad.

As Bec showed in her Instagram Stories, her four-year-old boys looked very focused as they tapped into their creative side and added colored gems to the pictures of the art sets.

The model and mother of four, who has nearly 1 million followers, shares excerpts from her time in lockdown, including self-care tips and DIY projects.

Earlier this month, she shared a photo of her cluttered living room – on the occasion of 200 days of lockdown in Melbourne.

However, Judd, who recently launched her latest Jaggad clothing collection, took to the social media platform on Sunday to break through the latest restrictions.

She shared a post on her Instagram Stories in response to Ninja Warior host Rebecca Maddern’s Tweet.

“Okay, it’s time to find some balance. Victorians cannot be locked up any longer or harder,” Maddern tweeted.

“The number of cases is increasing, Delta is different. We have to take care of our children. The number of suicides and self-harm is on the rise – THIS is unacceptable. To get [vaccinated] ASAP but also find balance”.

Bec the reported, commenting, “EACH WEEK 342 Victorian children are hospitalized with mental health problems.”

Bec appears to be referring to the report from the Victorian Agency for Health Information, which shows that an average of 342 children aged up to 17 are presented to emergency rooms every week, according to The Australian.

It was also reported that an average of 156 teens a week were rushed to hospital for self-harm and suicidal thoughts, an 88 percent increase from last year.

“Kids should be back in class (I’m not saying general return. I’m saying let’s come up with a safe plan as soon as possible),” added Bec.

Judd has slammed restrictions before — with the current lockdown marking the state’s sixth.

Last December, Bec referred to Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews as “dictator Dan” as he prepared to unveil a roadmap that was out of lockdown at the time.

As for the current situation, Mr Andrews has yet to announce when children will be able to return to school.

So far they have learned from home for 150 days (since March last year), while those in wider Victoria have been out of school for four months


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