Biden, Congress Allows Federal Jobless Aid to Expire as Delta Surgeons

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Biden, Congress Allows Federal Jobless Aid to Expire as Delta Surgeons

  • Federal unemployment-benefit programs expire in a week and Congress does not renew them.
  • Andrew Statner, an unemployment expert, said it was a “5-alarm fire.”
  • He said, “Now we are putting people on the path of harm. “It will hurt a lot of people.”

Epidemic-era federal unemployment benefits end Just a week. It belongs to the Century Foundation Projected 7.5 million Americans Complete loss of benefits – Unprecedented fiscal surges that are likely to have a huge impact on income, spending and the lives of unemployed workers.

Andrew Statner, a senior colleague and unemployment-policy expert at the left-leaning Century Foundation, Tweeted Thursday That it was a “5-alarm fire.”

“Most people live paycheck for paycheck and from next week they won’t be able to rely on a regular source of income,” Statner told Insider. “They will be thrown in the way of harm.”

Unemployed workers Insider is told As the Delta variant grows, the benefits are soon coming to an end, jeopardizing plans to return to work and school in person. For some, the loss of income can also jeopardize their ability to live in a home. The Supreme Court last week Hit down Postponement of Migrants Postponed, paving the way for local courts to resume suspended evictions.

Now 7.4 million tenants are at risk of eviction, According to the Census Bureau. The People’s Policy Project estimates that 20 million Americans are unemployed Their income will be reduced As the benefits close. In both cases, people can find themselves At the mercy of local action.

Washington is not pursuing expansion, but states can

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh earlier this month, the Biden administration It clarified that federal benefits would expire As scheduled in September. However, states can access it Provide benefits And even Issue one-time or periodical help payments For breaking contact with unemployed workers. So far, with the exception of a round of provocative investigations in California earlier this year, No states have promised To give additional benefits.

A spokesman for the state governor of Washington told Insider earlier, “In order to adequately address ongoing claims compensation for those who are not traditionally eligible for unemployment assistance or have completed weeks of available claims, we need to see further congressional action.”

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But Congress is not pursuing a renewal of federal unemployment assistance. Democracy They have been largely excluded from the discussion They plan to spend $ 3.5 trillion, and Republicans are adamantly opposed. Twenty-six states, led by the GOP, pulled the plug a few months before the end of their unemployment-benefit programs.

Some prominent Democratic moderates, such as Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia Came out against the extension, Without torpedoes in the 50-50 Senate. Such a package would require the support of every Senate Democrat to clear the Senate under a difficult process called reconciliation.

Representatives have said houses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are progressive They are discussing whether to push for expansion. But it will be a long effort as opposition from the Center for Democracy and Speaker Nancy Pelosi focus on putting together spending plans that can sustain a democratic majority in both chambers.

White House officials said Monday that President Joe Biden has decided not to put pressure on Congress to renew benefits because of the improved economy. White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said, “I think at the moment, they’ve decided where things stand in our economic reform.

She said the administration’s focus is to ensure that people can participate in state aid programs and Improved child tax credit. The latter solution provides monthly cash payments of up to $ 300 per child depending on age.

‘It will hurt many’

The benefit cutoff will put some workers in a precarious position. Amanda Rinhart, The mother of Pennsylvania receives federal benefits, Kovid-1 for a child at high risk. She will continue to live at home with him as the second year of virtual schooling begins – meaning she will not be able to return to her beloved hospitality job.

“I’m not honestly sure what I’m going to do to move forward financially without these benefits of unemployment,” Rinehart told Insider earlier.

Some experts It is also said to be too early To end unemployment, and Research on disqualified states The start of the federal recession saw a घट 2 billion drop in spending. It could fall by 8 8 billion in September and October, researchers say.

“Losing a job is one of the most damaging things to your financial health and your personal health,” Steiner said. “We’ve avoided some of that damage for the last 18 months. But now we’re putting people on the path of harm. It will hurt a lot of people.”

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