Covid Bulletin Italy and Lombardy today August 30: infections and deaths Chronicle

Covid Bulletin Italy and Lombardy today August 30: infections and deaths Chronicle

Milan – Italy is no longer all white. As of today it is actually Sicily is in the yellow zone, passed the threshold of 10% for the occupancy of places in intensive care and 15% for beds in the so-called non-critical medical area. The new criteria, founded at the end of July, in fact consider theRt hospital as the main indicator for risk profiling. gives wednesday september 1instead, the new step of applying the green pass that will be also mandatory for school and long-distance transport.

l’World Health Organisation is “seriously concerned” about the stagnation of vaccines and rate someone as “trustworthy” projection according to which from today until December 1 in Europe there may be others 236 thousand dead due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what the director of the WHO in Europe said, Hans Kluge. Furthermore, the WHO, in a joint note with UNICEF, stresses that teachers and school staff “should be among the priority categories to get the two doses of the vaccine against Covid”. “The immunization of school staff – they say – is a fundamental measure to keep classrooms open and welcome students in attendance.”

I am 4,257 new cases of Covid-19 registered today in Italy, 53 the dead (+16 compared to yesterday, 129,146 in total since the start of the pandemic). The smears made are 109,803, with the positivity index it’s on 3.9%, up 2.7% yesterday. I’m still growing ordinary hospital admissions (+131) and in intensive care (+23). The currently infected they are 141,393; the cured, on the other hand, are 3,854. They stay in home insulation 136 thousand people. To date, a total of 77,323,138 doses of vaccine have been administered.

I am 140 new positives sign up today Lombardy, compared to 9,522 performed swabs, for one speed of positivity par all’1.4% (up slightly from 1.3% yesterday). It also registers a new death, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 33,915. The number of hospitalized patients is increasing intensive care: there are 48 (+3 compared to yesterday), also the patients who have been hospitalized other departments Covid (341, +9). l new cases by province so they are broken down. Milan: 42 of which 18 in the city of Milan; Bergamo 12; Brescia 30; Como 3; Cremona 8; Lecco 3; Praise 2; Mantua 6; Monza Brianza 6; Pavia 7; Sondrio 5; Varese 3.

ABRUZZO – They are 20 (age between 2 and 76 years) the new cases positive for Covid recorded today in Abruzzo, bringing the total from the start of the emergency to 78,998. The balance of patients passed away register two new cases and rises to 2529 (it is an 89-year-old from the province of Pescara and a 96-year-old from the province of L’Aquila).

SOUTH TYROL – In South Tyrol I am 9 new cases of Covid-19, but on a low number of smears processed yesterday, 823, compared to 8-9 thousand per day in some days last week. Since August 1, no deaths have been recorded: The total figure remains of 1184 victims as of March 11, 2020, the date of the first death from coronavirus in the province of Bolzano. Covid patients admitted to hospital increased from 23 to 25, 21 are those in normal wards and 4 are those in intensive care. Of the 234,257 people who were subjected to a molecular smear, 49,698 tested positive. 27,100 people found positive for an antigen test. The total healed are 74,865.

BASILICATA – They are 2 the positive Lucanians at Covid on 329 molecular swabs processed yesterday August 29. This is evident from today’s bulletin published by the task force of the Region. On the same day, 8 healings were recorded and they are 2 people died, both unvaccinated according to sources from the Basilicata region. At the hospitals of Potenza and Matera, 48 people are in hospital, none of whom are in intensive care. Currently, there are 1,338 positive Lucanians with Covid.

CALABRIA – In the last 24 hours, 2,474 swabs have been performed in Calabria, the people tested positive they have been to Covid 190. To get acquainted with the Calabria region. The current positives are 4,518. A total of 171 positives were hospitalized, 155 in the ward and 16 in the intensive care unit.

CAMPANI – In Campania the positives of the day are 186, of the 5,196 tests performed, with a positive rate of 3.6%. This was announced by the Crisis Cell of the Region and underlined in a note that: 8 people died in the last 48 hours: a person has died before but registered yesterday.

EMILIA-ROMAGNA – In Emilia Romagna seven dead e 546 positives more than yesterday, out of a total of 12,167 swabs performed in the past 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 4.5%, a value which is not indicative of the overall trend given the number of swabs made. The average age of new positives is 36.6 years.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia 1,167 molecular swabs were detected 33 new infections (including 3 migrants/asylum seekers in Udine province) with a positive rate of 2.83%. 320 rapid antigenic tests were also performed from which 5 cases (1.56%) were detected. Today they register 2 dead: a woman
93-year-old with previous pathologies admitted to Pordenone Hospital and an 88-year-old man to Udine Hospital. 13 people have been admitted to intensive care, while 49 are in hospital in other wards.

LAZIO – Today there are almost 8 thousand tampons in Lazio and more than 11 thousand antigen, for a total of more than 19 thousand, there are 321 new positives (-28). four dead (-1), 478 hospitalized (+37), 70 intensive care (-2), 401 recovered. The ratio of positives to buffers is 1.6%.

LIGURI – They are 52 new cases of positivity Covid-19 captured in the latest report from the Liguria region; performed 1,278 molecular swabs in the last 24 hours, 1,030 fast antigen. 87 patients have been hospitalized, one more than yesterday. Of these, 11 are in intensive care. The bulletin reports 2 new deaths: 4,384 casualties since the start of the emergency. Of the 2,241,417 vaccines delivered,
1,981,534 were administered, or 88%.

MARCHE – One less hospitalization for Covid-19 in 24 hours (81) and four fewer in the past two days: currently in the To walk 17 were admitted to the intensive care unit (+1 on the last day), 13 to the semi-intensive care unit (unchanged) and 51 to the non-intensive units (-2); one fired in 24 hours. The Marche health service has announced this. They were discovered in one day 46 positives (incidence 86.58 per 100 thousand inhabitants) and is registered a death (a 91-year-old woman from Jesi, with previous pathologies, guest of the Residenza Valdaso). The number of home isolations (3,502; -24) and positives (more isolated hospital admissions; 3,584, -24) decreased. The healed/discharged are 103,785 (+70).

PIEDMONT – The Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region has communicated 103 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 8 after antigen testing), equal to 0.8% of the 12,960 smears performed, of which 9,870 were antigen. Two new deaths. 14 have been hospitalized in intensive care (unchanged from yesterday). There are 155 hospitalized patients who are not in intensive care (+10 compared to yesterday). There are 3,509 people in home isolation.

SARDINI – They are 187 new cases of coronaviruses registered in Sardinia, with 1,480 people tested and 2,633 tests performed, including molecular and antigenic. Regional Crisis Unit update certifies others 3 dead, two men and a woman from southern Sardinia. The number of hospital admissions is falling, from 237 to 227 patients in the medical sector, who are in intensive care, 27 (+6). There are 7,655 people in home isolation, 127 less than yesterday.

TRENTINO – No CPR patients, 26 hospitalized, zero deaths, 13 new infections and vaccinations near the 680,000 doses administered. This is the key data from today’s bulletin from the provincial health services agency on the coronavirus situation in Trentino.

TUSCANY – In Tuscany I am 348 new cases Covid (335 confirmed by molecular smear and 13 by rapid antigen test), bringing the total to 270,882 since the start of the coronavirus emergency. The hospitalized are 478 (6 more than yesterday), 54 of whom are in intensive care (1 more). Today they register 3 new deaths.

VAL D’AOSTA – No new cases Covid detected in Valle d’Aosta in the last 24 hours; 130 swabs performed. No new deaths, the total number of victims stopped at 473. Not a single Covid patient is in hospital, neither in the regular wards nor in the intensive care unit. There are 119 people in home isolation, the regional bulletin reports.

VENETO – I am 319 the new cases of positivity for Covid found in Veneto in the last 24 hours, pay attention there was no new death. That reports the regional bulletin. The total number of infections since the start of the epidemic rises to 454,220, while that of victims remains stable at 11,683. The people who are currently positive and isolated are 13,086 (+145). The number of hospital admissions in the region is increasing: there are 223 (+9) hospital beds in the medical rooms and 55 (+4) beds in intensive care.

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