Covid today, Coronavirus bulletin in Italy of August 30. All data on infections

Covid today, Coronavirus bulletin in Italy of August 30.  All data on infections

Rome, August 30, 2021 – Bulletin about the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy. Updates from the Ministry of Health on Covid infection, currently positive, dead, cured and intensive care. From today the Sicily has entered the yellow zone, but also the Calabria it is a step away due to the increase in new positives. One of the two parameters for the color change of the regions is in fact theincidence of 15% of cases in 100,000 inhabitants, has been exceeded, while the percentage of hospitalizations in intensive care is 9%, one point less than 10% indicated as the maximum limit before the stricter regulations are activated (here rules and prohibitions).

And if the 1st of September, date on which themandatory green pass (here what changes and where it is needed), Matteo Bassetti, an infectious diseases specialist from San Martino, was chased and threatened last night by a no vax man, who yelled at him: “You are killing us all with these vaccines and we will make you pay”. In Rome, however, Journalist specialized in video, from Repubblica and the Gedi group, was attacked by a protester during a sit-in against the green pass for the Ministry of Education.

The challenge is to convince the boh vax: “They are not paranoid, just undecided”

It’s all the way up front vaccinations who is the director ofWorld Health Organisation (WHO) for Europe, Hans Kluge has sounded the alarm of a slowdown in the pace of administration. “Over the past six weeks – he underlined – the vaccinations decreased by 14%, due to lack of access to vaccines in some countries and lack of vaccine acceptance in others. Kluge insisted on increasing production capacity and sharing available doses, setting aside all nationalist temptations. Then he noted that “some countries” are “starting to experience more and more Covid-related hospitals and more deaths.” Last week we had an 11% increase in deaths in the region and a reliable projection indicates “there could be”236 thousand dead in Europe on December 1“.

“Yes to the Green pass, valid for 12 months. Vaccines continue to protect us”

Covid, the budget of August 30

We will post the Ministry of Health updates and the pdf table here as soon as they are available.


They are still getting smaller in Emilia Romagna and coronavirus cases (but as happens every Monday, the analyzed smears also fall): today they are 546 the new pluses on approximately 12 thousand smears performed. Yesterday it was 605 but up 22,514 tests. In fact, it grows thereas a percentage of new positives from 2.1% to 4.5%. The healed grow (+444). Intensive therapies are stable. Unfortunately they register others seven dead (quattro a Modena). the vpreparations rise to 5 million and 827 thousand administered doses.

In Tuscany I am 348 new Covid cases, bringing the total to 270,882 since the onset of the Coronavirus emergency. New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. Cure grew by 0.2% to reach 252,458 (93.2% of total cases). Today 5,136 molecular swabs and 1,550 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 5.2% were positive. In contrast, 2,836 subjects were tested today (with antigen and/or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 12.3% were positive. Today’s positives are 11,416, -1.4% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 478 (6 more than yesterday), 54 of whom are in intensive care (1 more). Today they register 3 new deaths: 2 men and one woman with an average age of 82.3 years.

Today on almost 8 thousand tampons in the Lazio and more than 11 thousand antigen for a total of more than 19 thousand, have been registered 321 new positive cases (-28), 27 fewer cases than on Monday, August 23, 4 deaths (-1), 478 hospitalized (+37), 70 intensive care (-2), 401 recovered. The ratio of positives to smears is 1.6%. There are 171 cases in the city of Rome.” This was announced by Alessio D’Amato, Councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region.

I am 319 the new cases of positivity for Covid found in Venice there has been no new death in the past 24 hours. That reports the regional bulletin. The total number of infections since the start of the epidemic rises to 454,220, while that of victims remains stable at 11,683. The people who are currently positive and isolated are 13,086 (+145). I’m going up hospitalized in the hospitals of the region: 223 (+9) beds are occupied by the sick in the medical zones and 55 (+4) those in intensive care.

In the last 24 hours in Calabria 2,474 swabs were performed, people who tested positive for Covid were 190. The current positives are 4,518. In detail, there are 276 active cases in Catanzaro, 1,136 in Cosenza, 403 in Crotone, 2,348 in Reggio Calabria and 355 in Vibo Valentia. A total of 171 positives were hospitalized, 155 in the ward and 16 in the intensive care unit. The Asp of Catanzaro communicates 7 new positives and two residents outside the region, the Asp of Reggio Calabria communicates 142 new positives of which 8 residents outside the region.

In Sardinia Register today 187 further cases confirmed positive in Covid, based on 1,480 people tested. A total of 2,633 tests were processed, including molecular and antigenic. 27 patients have been admitted to intensive care (+6 compared to yesterday). 227 patients have been admitted to the medical room (10 less than yesterday). There are 7,655 cases of home isolation (127 less than yesterday). There are 3 dead. Two patients, a man and a woman, both 90 years old, living in the province of South Sardinia, and another patient, also living in the province of South Sardinia.

In Apulia they have been there in the last 24 hours three dead and I am 105 new cases of Coronavirus recorded against 6,632 tests performed, with an incidence of 1.5%. The provinces most affected by the new cases are those of Foggia (45) and Lecce (43) and those of Bari (15). Currently, 4.71 are positive, of which 251 in hospital and 24 in intensive care. The casualties in Puglia since the start of the pandemic are 6,706

One less hospitalization for Covid-19 in 24 hours (81) and four fewer in the past two days: currently in the To walk 17 were admitted to the intensive care unit (+1 on the last day), 13 to the semi-intensive care unit (unchanged) and 51 to the non-intensive units (-2); one fired in 24 hours. They were discovered in one day 46 positives (incidence 86.58 per 100 thousand inhabitants) and is registered a death (a 91-year-old woman from Jesi, with previous pathologies, guest of the Valdaso Residence) bringing the total to 3,047. In terms of contamination, 31 relate to the province Pesaro Urbino, ten the province of Ancona, two Macerata, one Ascoli Piceno, one Fermo and one from outside the region. There are 724 smears between the diagnostic screening pathway (300; positive rate of 15.3%) and the healing pathway (424); 67 antigen tests were added (none positive). The number of home isolations (3,502; -24) and positives (more isolated hospital admissions; 3,584, -24) decreased. The healed / fired are 103,785 (+70)

In South Tyrol there are 9 new cases of Covid-19, but on a low number of smears processed yesterday, 823, against the 8-9 thousand performed daily in a few days of last week. Also two new infections Basilicata, recorded in the last 24 hours. There are 20, between 2 and 76 years old, the new positive cases of Covid registered today in Abruzzo, bringing the total since the start of the emergency to 78,998. 28 more infections also in Umbria and 38 inches Friuli Venezia Giulia. No new Covid cases detected in Aosta Valley in the past 24 hours.

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