Eva Marie Discusses Her Heel Character In WWE

Eva Marie Discusses Her Heel Character In WWE

WWE superstar Eva Marie recently appeared on the podcast “Out of Character” with Ryan Satin to discuss her WWE comeback, her relationship with Doudrop and her love for the WWE universe.

The leader of Eva-Lution recently returned to WWE and had her first PPV match in seven years at SummerSlam. However, Eva Marie’s hubris cost her the match against Alexa when Marie went after Lilly. This enraged Alexa Bliss, who attacked fiercely and gave Eva Marie a DDT for the win.

Eva Marie spoke about her current run in WWE. She said he was having a blast in her current role. Marie broke kayfabe when she stated that she liked her current rival Doudrop too. Eva Marie added that while it wasn’t obvious on TV, she still loved the people she worked with.

Marie hoped she could continue and do more like a heel spur.

“I like who I work with, I like Doudrop, even if it doesn’t look like that in the show. But that’s the beauty of being a heel character and being able to dive into that role and really amplify that a little bit. I feel like I love doing it so much that’s why I want it to continue.”

Eva Marie takes on Doudrop on Raw this week

SummerSlam didn’t go the way Eva Marie would have liked, as she failed to beat Alexa Bliss. Doudrop also left her in the throes of defeat and embarked on her singles run. However, Eva Marie unleashed a brutal attack on Doudrop last week to avenge her loss, setting up a match for this week’s Raw.

Do you think Doupdrop will take a strong win, with the match already made official by WWE, or will Eva Marie show the WWE universe that Eva-Lution is going strong? Let us know in the comments below.

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