F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2021 Final: Top 10 Drivers Commentary[F1-Gate .com]

F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2021 Final: Top 10 Drivers Commentary[F1-Gate .com]

Comments from drivers in the top 10 of the 2021 F1 World Championships Round 12 F1 Belgian Grand Prix Final.

The final of the F1 Belgian Grand Prix only ended with the safety car in the lead due to the ongoing rain, and Max Verstappen, who took pole position in qualifying the day before, won the championship. Half points were awarded because the number of laps was less than the stated number.

Winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull Honda)
“It’s important to win and score points, but it’s not what everyone wants today. It’s especially unfortunate because it was the 50th race against Honda. As a result, I took pole yesterday. It was important. I love this course so sorry I couldn’t do the usual race lap but it wasn’t possible in the conditions like today maybe the condition is actually better at 3:30pm it may have been better than when i started but visibility was still very narrow and I can understand why I couldn’t race I was in the lead so visibility was pretty good even behind the safety car but the driver behind it shouldn’t have seen anything so if someone leaves the track at Au Rouge and returns to the line, a T-bone crash will occur at high speeds that no one wants. There was a possibility. Also the grip was very low and did not improve due to the continued rain in the afternoon. Today I want to thank the fans congratulate them all day long n the cold wind and rain have waited. I am very thankful that it was really hard to sit down and the real winners today are the spectators. From here we have to keep pushing again to regain the championship lead. I’m confident because the car is good and I still have a long way to go, so I have to give the best performance I can have for the rest of the season.”

2nd Place: George Russell (Williams)
“The track conditions were unbelievably bad and sometimes I couldn’t even see Max (Verstappen) in 2nd place, which was the only one for me. I couldn’t race and I was at home with the fans who came to the track. I’m really sorry to everyone who watched the TV but safety is the top priority I’ve never finished a race like this in my career so it feels a bit strange but the podium is the podium what happened “But I will accept it. Yesterday’s great work as a team was rewarded. If the race had started today it would have been very difficult to hold the position, but if the opportunity arises I will take it. I I finally got my first point with Williams last time in Hungary and he’s on the podium here at the Belgian GP! All the efforts of the whole team over the past three years will be rewarded!”

3rd place: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
“First of all, I’m very disappointed with the fans. It’s not anyone’s fault because I can’t control the weather, but today’s fans are always there, believing in the potential of the race and giving energy. It was great to keep and create a nice atmosphere Unfortunately their race today was robbed I like racing in the rain but today it was different The previous car It was very difficult because I couldn’t see it and there was aquaplaning Of course I wanted to race and I’m sorry because I love this track. I think it would have been a great race if the rain wasn’t so strong, but unfortunately it rained. It didn’t stop.”

4th place: Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren)
“It was a crazy day and it was in crazy circumstances. Luckily this rarely happens and it’s good, but it can’t be helped. Fans, we need to watch our race, I’m sorry for all of them. They were great” We really wanted to race but it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault. But the situation today was not good. I only have two races in a row, so I hope it’s good. Qualifying has become important and I’m glad I got a good position yesterday.”

5th place: Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)
“It was a frustrating day for all of us and there was no excitement, especially for the fans who were soaking wet in the cold and waiting all day for the race. The entertainment they wanted to see. I’m sorry I couldn’t let it go The rain didn’t stop at all, the spray was terrible when we got onto the track and visibility was very bad. Today the FIA ​​had to make a difficult decision. Easy It’s not, but safety first. Their decision may not have been pleasant, but I think it was the right decision.’

6th place: Pierre Guthrie (AlphaTauri Honda)
“It was a long day, but I’m very sorry I couldn’t race. I’m really sorry that the fans who waited all day in the rain couldn’t show the race, and until the end. Thank you for to be there. The conditions are very tough and I think it’s the first time I’ve driven in such a bad situation. The problem is if someone spins on the first lap it will lead to a big accident because there is no visibility. I know the dangers of racing in this situation, so I think today was the right decision.”

7th place: Esteban Ocon (Alps)
“First of all I would like to apologize to all the fans who came to the track today. I want to thank the fans for their patience and passion. Unfortunately today it was impossible to run in the rain. In the end, FIA and Michael Masi made the right decision to cancel the race. Visibility was very bad on the track and the conditions were very tough. I got 3 points today. But now I’m looking forward to Zantfort. I’m glad the weather is nice.”

8th place: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
“This weekend was a weird end because we couldn’t race well. Most of all, it’s a shame for all the fans who came to watch our race. I want to thank everyone who stayed on the stand. It shouldn’t have been easy and I want to all pay tribute to fans who stayed here with us Track conditions were not too bad in terms of puddles It was a disaster in terms of visibility I couldn’t see anything before and it was a good decision to prioritize safety given the intensity of the rain today “The next race starts a few days later in the Netherlands. It’s a nice challenge as you have to get used to the new track and find the best setting in this short period of time. Overall I think one of our weaknesses is wet so we will improve it in the coming weeks. want to go”

9th place: Nicholas Latifi (Williams)
“Obviously we didn’t want to end this weekend like this, we all wanted to get out on track and race, but unfortunately it was too dangerous in this condition. It was really disappointing for the fans. “I got more points and got the podium. Today’s result is a big plus because we’ve strengthened our championship position.”

10th place: Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
“It’s a shame that the brave fans who bravely braved the terrible weather and the people watching at home couldn’t get to see the show at all. We couldn’t do anything. Unfortunately the view was that I couldn’t race because it was a shame. I’m sorry I tried to move up a few places from this starting position, but I always have to prioritize safety. I’ll be in Zandvoort on Friday and I’m looking forward to my first race in F1.”

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