From Migrants to Roma: Here’s the Trick to Earn 5s Income

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From Migrants to Roma: Here’s the Trick to Earn 5s Income

The list of people who have observed the basic income without having the supplies. The last 30 cunning specimens, most of them of foreign origin, have been unearthed thanks to an extensive research activity, still ongoing, by the carabinieri of Casale Monferrato. The abusive recipients of the grant were denounced and at the same time reported to theinps for the suspension of the provision of citizenship income. However, other topics could be added to the list as they have already fallen under the magnifying glass of the carabinieri.

The modus operandi, he says Il Piccolo, it was always the same. The applicants falsely stated that they had lived in Italy for at least ten years and that no criminal proceedings had been initiated. Furthermore, they registered at a post office in the province Alexandria does not coincide with the place of residence to obtain the grant in the period between the submission of the application and the INPS checks on the legality and actual presence of the supplies.

In this way many citizens non-EU citizens, mainly Romanians, Nigerians and Moroccans, often homeless and with police bias (some savages), had managed to obtain citizenship income. A simple plan in progress but discovered and stopped by the army of the Arma.

The last in order of time to be identified were two young Romanians aged 23 and 28, domiciled on a nomad camp van Genoa found in possession of three illegally obtained papers, falsely confirming the extended registered stay in the national territory, obtaining about three thousand euros in subsidy, reported by the carabinieri of the company Acqui Terme. The 23-year-old was charged by Alessandria’s carabinieri for having obtained the benefit despite being subject to the residency precaution and subsequently not being available to escape jail time for other reasons.

The discovery of the new cunning will surely only fuel him political confrontation over the subsidy, flag of the M5’s who wanted it and now defends it with a drawn sword. This morning, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the pentastellato leader Giuseppe Contea repeated that “Italy can’t go back on citizenship income”. According to the former prime minister, “The initiative of the center right, which is supported live by Italy, will not succeed, because citizenship income is a necessity, as is civilization. We were the last in Europe to introduce this measure that guarantees cohesion and social security, which is not possible if millions of people live below the poverty line.”

But only he is convinced of what he says.

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