Green pass 1 September: where it will not be mandatory Chronicle

Green pass 1 September: where it will not be mandatory Chronicle

Florence, August 30, 2021 – Everything is ready for the pressure from the government on the green pass: on 1 September, the places where the green certificate becomes mandatory will increase. Public places that are added to those where the certificate is already a reality and it is essential to enter. The first rules went into effect on August 6.

Green pass, what will change from September 1th

Ever since he green pass it is mandatory in museums, in indoor restaurants, in indoor swimming pools, in gyms. After these first weeks, now the further rules. The green pass will be mandatory in some places and not in others. Here the green pass will continue to fail.

Transport: trains and ferries

The green pass is not used on public transport that connects within the region. For example, no green pass on the ferries between Piombino and the island of Elba and vice versa: the green pass is not required here. Instead, it will serve, for example, on ferries that: connect two regions, such as the Livorno-Olbia which connects Tuscany with Sardinia. But it won’t be used on regional trains either. For example, to go by train from Livorno to Florence or from Grosseto to Siena, you do not need a green pass. But also on regional trains that cross in other regions the green pass is not necessary. Which will serve on all type trains instead Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed. That is the Frecce of Trenitalia and Italo.

Bus and metro

The green pass is not required on city buses. Here you can continue to travel without a green certificate. The green pass instead it will be used on buses that regularly make connections between regions, such as that of Flixbus. The green certificate will have to be shown on these buses. The green pass is not used in the metro.


On the one hand, all school staff must be in possession of the green pass go to school, students up to and including the last year of secondary school do not have to have a green pass to enter the classroom. The green pass will instead be used by college students to participate in exams and in-person classes.

Outdoor restaurants

From September 1, the green pass will not remain mandatory in restaurants where lunch or dinner is served outside.

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