Heritage Loto: the 100 new sites being saved

Heritage Loto: the 100 new sites being saved

And 100 more! At the beginning of the afternoon, this Monday, the Heritage Mission chaired by Stéphane Bern unveiled the new sites benefiting from the grants of the fourth edition of the Loto du patrimoine, starting on August 30, on the scratch card side. They come next 18 “Emblem” already selected last April, those that are fully funded and depicted on tickets. The draws for the competition, six this year, will take place on September 6, 8, 11, 13, 15 and 18.

Just like last year, in order to please everyone and to avoid controversy, one site per department was selected from the long list (4000 in total!) of those who had submitted a file to the mission, namely 96 in mainland France and 4 abroad. A plural choice that, if it still includes most castles and churches, also includes an old tannery (Rhône), a water mill (Haute-Loire), a bread oven (Pas-de-Calais) or an old courthouse (Tarn-et-Garonne ). In Seine-et-Marne it is the Bezanleu tile factory that won its ticket.

“Places with a heritage but also social and economic importance”

“We pay a lot of attention to this diversity. I believe we have silenced those who at first thought we only wanted to restore castles or churches. There is everything and the more it goes, the more I fall in love with industrial heritage, admits Stephane Bern. There is also a former maternity hospital in the list, in Guyana. These are sites that are undoubtedly not prestigious, but that appeal to people, to which they are really attached. “

However, to announce the winners, the mission did not hesitate to choose the setting … of a castle. That of Montagu in Marcoussis (Essonne), a medieval wall from the 15th century, of which only a tower remains, in very poor condition. ‘Yes, it’s a castle. But it is mainly because it symbolizes what we want to develop more and more: it is located in a horticultural school of the Fondation des Orphelins d’Auteuil and restored for many years by an association that organizes contribution projects there For the young. After all, the plan is to open it up to visitors. This is exactly what we want to bring: sites with a heritage but also social and economic importance”, defends the organizer.

The Loto heritage perpetuated until 2024

An ambition that should be able to take root in the future. The results of the Heritage Mission, recalled today, has enough to convince. Thanks to the 131 million collected in 4 years, 627 sites have received support and 297 (work completed or in progress) have already been rescued. At the beginning of this year, the agreement between the state, the Heritage Foundation, which manages the funds, and the Française des Jeux was extended for three years, making the heritage lottery permanent until 2024.

“I believe we managed to get things done,” says Stéphane Bern. On the ground but also in people’s heads. There are signs on monuments when buildings are restored thanks to the mission. Often people send me pictures to thank me… Frankly, I don’t see what president would want the Loto du patrimoine to stop”.

No doubt. One question remains, eight months after the presidential elections: the Heritage Loto yes, but with or without Stéphane Bern? The facilitator’s response is without hesitation, “If I am offered to continue, whoever the president is, I will continue”.

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