No vax, Conte: “We need a strong response from all political forces, without ambiguity”

No vax, Conte: “We need a strong response from all political forces, without ambiguity”

lattack on the banquet of M5s by the procession No green pass in the streets of Milan. Then the threats and the phone stalking to doctors and virologists, like the one reported by Matteo bassetti e Fabrizio Pregliasco. Again, the aggression to the reporter, beaten by a protester al sit in against the green pass in schools. The President of the M5’s, Giuseppe Contea, acts against the latest violent expressions of the no vax, Which now in to chat they organize to attack other doctors, journalists and politicians. “We must all react resolutely and without any ambiguity to this escalation of unscientific impulses,” emphasizes the former prime minister.

Conte repeats the episodes from the past few days and launches a appeal addressed to all parties: “The scenes of violence and the attacks on the gazebo of the Movement in Milan, as well as on doctors, journalists and various operators by no vax gangsters require a strong reaction and compact by all political forces, social and cultural aspects of the country”. Concepts similar to that expressed by the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta: “There are not any” ambiguity on the part of political forces related to this violence and not vax legitimations, which are positions that are contrary to today’s right to health and freedom,” said the dem’s leader.

Conte had already intervened on social media to denounce what had happened in Milan: “They destroyed a gazebo of the 5 Star Movement where the businesses to present the list formunicipal elections. It is a very serious gesture, deeply undemocratic‘ wrote the president of M5s on Facebook.

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