Olivier Véran confirms that the sanitary pass is “a success”, praised abroad

Olivier Véran confirms that the sanitary pass is “a success”, praised abroad

The health minister also reiterated on France 5 on Monday that incarceration would have been inevitable without mass vaccination.

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran once again defends the implementation of the health pass in France, as it is “a success” that is internationally acclaimed. Olivier Veran, guest of the show C for you on France 5 this Monday evening, just think France has inspired many countries by imposing a health pass in many public places, and this since August 9.

“Abroad we speak of the health pass as a French success,” said the minister. “Now it’s not three or five countries that are doing the same as us. Dozens of countries have followed suit.”

Last week, the health minister assured at a press conference that “the latest restraint” “falls in the face of the success of the health card”.

“Life hasn’t stopped, it’s even the opposite”

With the entry into force this summer in certain public places, “life has not stopped, it is even the opposite”, underlines Olivier Véran, as “people now feel safer”.

“The activity of restaurants, bars and sports halls is more important than in the summer of 2019,” he notes. However, he acknowledges that this is still not the case with movie theaters where activity is struggling to restart.

On the set of France 5, the health minister reiterates that without the health pass “we would have redefined”. “We would have closed places that have remained open, bars and restaurants, we would have closed nightclubs and maybe other types of businesses,” he explains. “We did it in the past because we didn’t have a choice… Today we have alternative options, we’ll take them.”

And when asked about theextension of the health pass after 15 November, the Minister of Health does not rule out. For him, the question will arise again in a few months, depending on the evolution of the health situation. “If we realized in the middle of the autumn that there was a wave of a different variant, we would of course ask the question again,” explains Olivier Véran. “I’m not saying we’re going to extend the pass. But we’ll use the tools we need, the time we need.”

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV reporter

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