Pogba responds to the insult by gifting his shirt

Pogba responds to the insult by gifting his shirt

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Manchester United playmaker Paul Pogba reacted when he was described as a “cheat” by fans of host Wolverhampton after he was accused of hindering Wolverhampton’s Robin Neves from building the attack that came from the winning goal of Mason Greenwood for United.

Pogba calmly walked to the Wolverhampton stands and handed his shirt to one of his fans, and the stadium went from whistle to applause for how Pogba had solved the problem. “Wolverhampton fans were screaming,” said a cheater, cheater, cheater, a local reporter said in a tweet. Then he came to them, took off his shirt and handed it to one of them, and the situation turned to applause.

And social networking sites interacted with Pogba, with one of them writing: “Who can hate this player? His opponents are his biggest fans. On the other hand, Liverpool legend Graeme Souness criticized Pogba’s obstruction of the Portuguese midfielder, describing it as “dangerous and “seeking to break the leg”, as United legend Roy Keane defended the world champion, saying: “Pogba raised his feet on the grass and had no control over his legs when he put it on Nevis’ leg cushion.

In a related context, the match witnessed the first appearance by Englishman Jadon Sancho (age 21), since his move from Dortmund in the summer, but he was replaced by Anthony Martial. Sancho feels he has lost the importance of his move to the fans who flocked to buy the number 25 shirt even a week ago, but after the announcement of the Portuguese winger Ronaldo’s return, the fans would rather wait for it Don shirt.

Sancho felt more isolated in the second half of the game, while Varane got off to a better start as he set up Greenwood’s goal.


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