The “No Green Pass” will be ready on Wednesday for the blockade of train stations. And on Telegram there is a hunt for virologists and politicians –

The “No Green Pass” will be ready on Wednesday for the blockade of train stations.  And on Telegram there is a hunt for virologists and politicians –

“Let’s go get them home, they don’t have to sleep anymore,” they write on the chats and publish the phone numbers and addresses of those who have spoken out in favor of vaccines

Date and places not chosen at random. Wednesday is in fact the day of the extension of theGreen pass obligation access trains, planes, buses and ships (here all the rules and news). «Won’t they let us leave on the train without a slavery passport? Then no one will leave!»Is the motto on the poster of the train station blocking event. Meet outside the stations at 2.30 pm, half an hour after the entrance and the start of the protest with the blockade of the trains, read next to the list of more than 50 stations of as many cities affected by the mobilization (of Garibaldi Station in Milan, An Tiburtina in the capital, also by the stations of small Italian towns).

Telegram groups, such as «Enough dictatorship», Used not only to organize protests and demonstrations, but also to stalking and mass threats for those who are considered by the people to be the “enemy” to be struck. «Write all addresses of houses, telephone numbers of which you know: ministers, party leaders, so-called criminal virologists, all the presidents of the region and the most criminal journalists»Is the appeal launched on the chat. Many respond with numbers and addresses of the “targets” (politicians and especially doctors who have exposed themselves in favor of vaccines) and an invitation: “Inondateli!», Complete with a suggestion to later « send videos and audio recordings to entertain others too ».

With the protests getting more and more tense (such as the clashes in rome or the case of destruction of the gazebo of the 5-star movement in Milan) and as aggression increases e threats to journalists, virologists and infectious diseases, it is the victims themselves who confirm the organized stalking. “Death threats to me and my family, anonymous letters, threatening phone calls, insults on the street, chats on Telegram, insults in newspapers and on television. Where do we want to go? », he writes on Instagram the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti that was yesterday chased and threatened under the house by a 46-year-old man shouting “You will kill us all with these vaccines, we will make you pay”. The man was identified by the Digos and reported, but there was no shortage of people cheering and complimenting his gesture in the chats. the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco (who confirmed they were receiving abusive phone calls from anonymous numbers)), but also Dr. Pietro Bica, a surgeon from Palermo interviewed a few days ago because he chose to visit only patients with a green pass, or the infectious disease specialist, from September 1 Antonio Cassio.

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