Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville Jaguars earned the runway

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Trevor Lawrence of Jacksonville Jaguars earned the runway

Trevor Lawrence sits nicely as the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. As the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draw, this was always supposed to be the case. But does his reputation advance him? Has he done enough in the preseason to not only earn his place but leave the Jaguars confident enough to trade Gardner Minshew? Here’s a look at his preseason report.

Trevor Lawrence: QB Report Card

the big picture

Trevor Lawrence had a mixed preseason. It was one story in the first two games and a completely different story in the last.

In the first two games, Lawrence stuttered and failed to lead his team to a single touchdown. In the last game he was prolific. He was fantastic with his accuracy, hitting 11 of 12 throws for 139 yards and two touchdowns on three drives.

Skeptics will point out that his best performance came against a back-up team from Dallas that failed to score a single win in the preseason. Supporters will no doubt point out that he can only play what was in front of him and his numbers are beyond derision.

the negatives

Trevor Lawrence led his team on eight drives in the first two pre-season games and failed to lead them to a single touchdown. Those margins are punished mercilessly in the NFL. Anyone who knows about momentum in the sport will tell you it’s hard to change the mood in the locker room when you’re 0-2.

Another flaw to note is that while his third game throws were good, he often gave his receivers too much to do. His first touchdown was to Phillip Dorsett II, leading to a toe-dragging completion that could have been much easier. Better cornerbacks and safes will no doubt hinder such regular season completions.

the positives

Trevor Lawrence scored 11 out of 12 in his last game for the season, about as clear as it gets. He had no interceptions. Speaking of momentum, this sets him up nicely for the season opener.

Trevor Lawrence also showed mental strength and versatility, great qualities to have as a QB. After a short hasty touchdown from Carlos Hyde was disallowed for a holding penalty, he was able to turn it into a passing play and make contact with Laviska Shenault Jr in the end zone.


Trevor Lawrence didn’t have the best start, but seems to be coming into his own. His displays warrant a B-class:; enough to be the starter going into the regular season.


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