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ABC News rejected the results Independent editorial review of Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire that found allegations of political corruption surrounding former New South Wales Prime Minister Neville Wharan were “vague, anonymous and unhelpful”.

Warren, who led NSW as Labor Prime Minister for ten years, He passed away in 2014, at the age of 87. A group of his former employees criticized the ABC documentary for taking awards Journalist Caro Melderem Hanna.

The three-part series dealt with the Luna Park fire in Sydney in 1979, which killed six boys and a man.

The review, by veteran ABC journalist Chris Masters and academic Rod Tiffin, said the series did not establish a direct relationship between Wran and organized crime figure Abe Saffron but gave a “strong impression” that Wran was complicit in the corruption.

Masters and Tiffin criticized the use of a “dramatic” but “misleading” graphic suggesting “a strong and direct link between Wran and Saffron”, which the program did not prove.

“Throughout the program, storyboard drawing is used to connect the main characters,” the review said. “Although it is a useful optical device, the technology has surpassed the evidence in one important aspect… No such direct relationship has been established between Saffron and Wran.”

But in response to the review, Posted on Monday eveningABC News director Gavin Morris denied that the show confirmed Wran’s guilt.

“ABC News does not accept the reviewers’ view that the graph is misleading,” Morris said. “The series has not claimed to have substantiated the allegation. The review does not question the decision to include any of that material in the series, but rather confirms that viewers could have given the impression that the show was confirming Mr. Wran’s guilt. This was not the show’s intent or assertion.”

Meldrum-Hanna has also defended the program, and social media has detailed how other media outlets have relayed historical allegations about Wran and Saffron over and over again over the years.

ABC has remained steadfast on the program’s accuracy, with its complaints unit clearing it of breaking editorial standards.

“As the review notes, the series has received a lot of public acclaim and very few viewer complaints,” Morris said. None of these complaints has been corroborated by the ABC’s Independent Complaints Investigation Unit. We note that the review No factual errors were found.

“The exposed series, quite appropriately from ABC News’ point of view, examined the same claim, portraying the same individuals as other media outlets did in 2017.”

But reviewers found the software to go far beyond Wran’s claims, reporting Wran’s material as “claim”, “unproven” and “script” at least 10 times. They concluded that “the makers of the program did not succeed in formulating a conclusion clearly stating their position”.

Media Watch host Paul Barry provided a critical review of the show, which was also harsh for Morris’ rejection of the findings.

“Honestly, we were stunned [the Morris] Barry said. “Saying that the program did not point the finger at Wran and that these prominent reviewers got it wrong is, in our opinion, untenable.

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“ABC really needs to do a better job. In some ways it was a great show. In others it went too far.”

“We were told it would not be deleted and re-edited, but, unofficially we hear, there will be no more ‘Exposed’ series and possibly no more ‘true crime’ from ABC News.”

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