Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 02:40 Israel adopts rules for Western Wall gatherings +++

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 02:40 Israel adopts rules for Western Wall gatherings +++

Given the high number of cases, Israel is issuing orders to meet requirements for the Western Wall in Jerusalem before the Jewish New Year celebrations. A maximum of 8,000 believers may gather at the same time in the square in front of it, the Corona cabinet has decided, according to a message. Everyone would be required to wear a mask at all times and the square would be divided into 18 smaller areas. The Western Wall in the old city is considered the most important sanctuary of Jews worldwide. Tens of thousands of religious Jews are expected to pray at the wall before and on the Jewish New Year celebrations, which begin next Monday evening.

+++ 01:50 Lauterbach advocates uniform guidelines for hospital admissions +++
The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach argues for the same guideline values ​​for all of Germany for hospital births of corona patients. He is in favor of “establishing uniform hospital admission rates nationwide. Otherwise, there is a risk of a patchwork quilt,” says Lauterbach of the Funke media group. At the moment, the value from which it could be criticized is “very different from region to region”. So there can be significant disturbances.

+++ 00:49 students ask billion euros more for air filters +++
The Federal Schoolchildren Conference is calling for an additional billion euros for air filters and pushing for nationwide vaccination offers in schools. “The federal government has so far approved a 200 million euro aid package for air filters, this bill is not going to work for a long time,” said the general secretary of the federal student conference, Dario Schramm, of the editorial network Germany. “We are therefore asking an extra billion euros for the purchase of filters.” The federal government should bear most of the costs to relieve the municipalities. In order to be able to go back to school as soon as possible, the students also apply for uncomplicated vaccination offers. A considerable expansion of the awareness and information campaigns within the schools and the vaccination vehicles on site is necessary.

+++ 23:40 Spahn does not rule out questions about employee vaccination status +++
Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn can imagine that employers may ask employees about their vaccination status. The CDU politician said on the ARD show “Hart aber fair” that he was hesitating between whether the law should be changed so that employers can ask for at least the next six months. That’s how it goes in the restaurant. When asked what his attitude was toward it, Spahn said, “I’m leaning more and more toward yes.” He argued: “If everyone in the office garden is vaccinated, I can deal with it differently than if 50 percent are not vaccinated.” Spahn again rejected a mandatory vaccination for certain professions, such as the nursing professions.

+++ 22:30 In MV 700 school children are in quarantine – the incidence among adolescents is almost 100 +++
In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, more than 700 schoolchildren are currently studying at home because they have been infected with the coronavirus or have been quarantined as contacts. According to this data, in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district alone, 341 students are affected and therefore cannot participate in personal lessons. “The situation is dynamic at the moment,” said district spokesman Achim Froitzheim. The infection rate in children and adolescents is stronger in MV than in all age groups. The 7-day incidence on Sunday is 40.5 among the 5- to 9-year-olds, 46.9 among the 10- to 14-year-olds and 96.6 among the 15 to 19-year-olds. The statewide incidence in all age groups is 31.7 on Monday.

+++ 22:14 Lauterbach on 3G in long-distance traffic: Whoever refuses has to leave the train +++
The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach advocates a 3G scheme for passengers in long-distance train traffic. It doesn’t make sense to him why long-distance trains show no evidence of vaccination, recovery or a negative Covid-19 test, Lauterach told the Funke media group papers. Lauterbach emphasizes: “It should be possible in long-distance trains. It makes just as much sense there as it does on an airplane.” If travelers on longer journeys spend a lot of time together in a confined space, the risk of corona infection increases with the delta variant. At the same time, the SPD politician emphasizes that he sees “no feasibility problem” in practice. He proposed to follow the same procedure for travelers without a 3G ticket as for travelers without a valid ticket: Those who refuse must “get off at the next station”. Because infected fellow passengers are a danger to the other passengers.

+++ 22:00 In the Southwest, every fourth newly infected person is a minor +++
Every fourth corona infection in Baden-Württemberg in the past seven days has been registered in a child or adolescent. In contrast, the proportion of infected people over 60 is only seven percent, reports the State Health Office (LGA). According to the LGA, the nationwide seven-day incidence is 77.9 after the most recent 78.5 hours. Six counties have now crossed the 100 incidence threshold. The Heilbronn district still has the highest incidence with 143.1.

+++ 21:45 Jakarta opens schools – parents keep children at home +++
After more than a year and a half of online classes due to the corona pandemic, the first schools have reopened in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. For now, however, only 610 of the more than 10,000 educational institutions in the city offer face-to-face classes. According to the local authorities, these schools were chosen because the teachers there are all vaccinated and there is enough space to keep their distance. Some parents still kept their children at home. “My daughter hasn’t been vaccinated yet and the Delta variant is spreading like crazy,” said Asmara Wreksono, mother of a third-grader. “I feel bad because my daughter misses her friends,” she adds. However, her priority is her child’s health.

+++ 9.30 pm Laboratory tests in Saxony-Anhalt rise by 600 percent in pandemic +++
The corona pandemic has led to a drastic increase in microbiological testing in laboratories in Saxony-Anhalt. In 2020, some 90,000 samples were sent to the National Consumer Protection Agency on behalf of the health authorities or the Ministry of Social Affairs. 78,863 samples alone involved Sars-CoV-2 virus and possible additional pathogens of acute respiratory disease. In total, this is an increase of 600 percent compared to the period 2010 to 2019 with about 15,000 samples per year. Minister of Social Affairs Petra Grimm-Benne again calls on people to be vaccinated against the corona virus. With the end of the holidays, more testing is being done at schools and nurseries to detect possible infections, for example in people returning from a trip, she emphasizes.

+++ 21:13 More than 7000 deaths in Israel +++
The number of deaths in Israel from corona infection has passed 7,000. The total number of people who have died after being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen has risen to 7,030, the Ministry of Health announced. At the turn of the year, the number of deaths was around 3,400. According to the Ministry of Health, the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 has been detected in more than a million people in Israel since the start of the pandemic. Israel has about nine million inhabitants, about nine times as many people live in Germany.

+++ 20:51 Many Hamburg restaurant owners request the 2G model +++
Nearly 300 Hamburg restaurants and other facilities only want to let in vaccinated and recovered visitors according to the so-called 2G model. A spokesperson for the Senate said on Monday afternoon that 294 companies and institutions have submitted an application. In addition, a 2G option was registered for 46 events. Since Saturday, organizers and hosts in Hamburg can decide for themselves whether to let in only vaccinated and recovering people, who are then largely exempt from the corona restrictions, or whether they want to continue to use the 3G model – i.e. also accept current tests. To participate, you must register through a website.

+++ 20:30 Federal states report nearly 5,000 newly infected people – deaths increase +++
The states report 4859 new infections with the Sars-Cov-2 virus. A week ago, the value stood at 3787 new infections. The increase of 1072 cases corresponds to a good 28 percent. The number of deaths is also increasing. Health authorities are currently reporting 15 people who have died related to the virus, up from 8 in the previous week.

The last time there were an average of more than 9,000 new infections per day in Germany was in mid-May – then the trend was on the decline.

A look at the states’ seven-day incidence reveals a strong east-west divide. However, the summer holidays in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt will only end in the coming weeks. Since children and adolescents are currently strongly driving the pandemic, rising incidence values ​​can also be expected there. However, counterexamples are Bremen, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. All three federal states also still have summer holidays, but already show significantly higher incidence values ​​than the three eastern federal states.

The number of national corona patients requiring intensive medical care is also increasing. The number of ventilated patients is also increasing.

116,594 people are currently considered infected. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, about 3.73 million people have recovered. A total of 92,140 people have died in connection with the corona virus.

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