Egyptian police return kidnapped boy within 24 hours

Egyptian police return kidnapped boy within 24 hours

Egyptian police return kidnapped boy within 24 hours

Ziad’s father and mother on his return
Photo source: MOI video on Facebook

Egyptian security forces announced that a boy would return to his family within 24 hours of his abduction. After a video of the boy kidnapped at El Mahalla El Kubra in Egypt’s Gharbia Governorate went viral on Monday, August 30, Egyptian security forces announced arrest the kidnappers and bring Ziad home safely.

The video, which was captured on a security camera, showed two masked men taking the child and forcing him into a car, while his mother tried to stop them by catching the car, but fell on the road. The viral incident sparked outrage among Egyptian public opinion, with many parents expressing their condolences to Ziad’s parents.

In a pronunciation On its official social media channels, the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior (MOI) stated that three men in a car abducted the boy who was with his mother next to their home. Using advanced technology, tracing the kidnappers’ movements and speaking to witnesses, the police discovered that the car they were using was a stolen car, and hid the boy in a house in one of the agricultural areas in El Mahalla El. cuba.

Investigations also revealed that the kidnappers admitted that they knew the boy’s father’s occupation and assumed he was wealthy, leading them to kidnap the child to demand a ransom.

The MOI has a video show images of the arrest and emphasize the importance of the security of Egyptians.

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