Fire in Milan, two kittens rescued after 24 hours: ‘Endless waiting’

Fire in Milan, two kittens rescued after 24 hours: ‘Endless waiting’

Arthur and Kira have been returned to their masters by the fire brigade

Ansa / Corriere TV

An incredible story. More than 24 hours after the fire that he destroyed the Torre dei Moro building via Antonini in Milan, two kittens locked up on the fifth floor of the building they were rescued by the fire brigade and returned to their owners. “Waiting endlessly, it’s unbelievable that they are still alive,” said Sabrina, Arthur and Kira’s owner. The two animals were immediately transported to the nearest veterinary center for all necessary treatments.

Who will pay for the damage? There is a risk that flats will not receive compensation. That let’s explain why.
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