Geelong Cats vs GWS Giants AFL Finals Prediction

Geelong Cats vs GWS Giants AFL Finals Prediction

Taking on his former team, Jeremy Cameron is gearing up for a very exciting match, even if it’s disappointing that both teams’ best players won’t be playing.

For what it’s worth, Toby Greene should be suspended for bumping the referee. I feel sorry for him because he had a great season and was the main reason GWS made it to the final, but he caused it himself and he let the team down.

I should probably direct my feelings of empathy towards someone in the position of Tom Stewart, who has had just as big an impact on his team but won’t be playing due to injury.

The last time they met
GWS played Geelong from the park with many absent players, although Greene scored four goals.

The Giants had success moving the ball quickly through the center of the ground and getting the ball out over their back. Port Adelaide had great success with that method in the qualifying final, although Geelong had to go without Cameron for that match.

Toby Greene (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Where is the game won?
The bottom line is how well GWS can hold down Geelong’s front lines as evidenced by how the Giants repulsed the Swans’ entries within 50 yards. Sydney eventually had 19 more inside the 50, but still couldn’t cross the line.

Hawkins, Cameron and Gary Rohan have to step up for the Cats compared to the appearance against Port Adelaide.

It’s a big match for: Lachie Whitfield and Jeremy Cameron
Whitfield was very good in the recent encounter against Geelong, with lots of quick moves from GWS, starting with Whitfield taking out the attackers. Since Isaac Cumming is unlikely to play, more is left to Whitfield to be the rebounder and start the counter-attacks on his side.

Cameron has the x factor. If he gets enough clear looks at it, he has the ability to kick a bag and take the game away.

Main match-up: Tom Hawkins vs Sam Taylor
Taylor played one of the best defensive games of the year off Tom Hawkins in round 21, holding him to one goal and knocking it all off with 17 interception possessions.

On Saturday, he did well on Lance Franklin and continued to fend off Sydney’s attacks. Franklin moved further into the field, leaving Isaac Heeney deep in front who nearly won the game for Sydney. Hawkins can do the same and allow Cameron to stay deep forward or vice versa – either way it will be a crucial match.

Key match ups: Rhys Stanley vs Shane Mumford
Mumford was very good against Sydney and threw his weight around like he always does.

Geelong hasn’t settled for a ruckman since Brad Ottens retired in 2011, but Stanley is the man right now. His strength should make Mumford come forward at every opportunity.

Mumford should try to force himself on the central bounces and outsmart Stanley when stationary on the ground. The GWS midfielders get a boost from Mumford’s audacity.

Prediction: Geelong with 26 points

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