Graceen Courtright: College student convicted of marking ‘only’ members on Capitol

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Graceen Courtright: College student convicted of marking ‘only’ members on Capitol

Graceen Courtright, 23, pleaded guilty in January to trespassing and living in a restricted building or grounds. As part of the agreement, Courtright agreed to pay 500 in damages to Capital during the riots. Prosecutors have treated other defendants in a manner that was not violent or destructive inside the building.

One of the many rioters previously reported by CNN has judicial authority Didn’t vote in the 2020 presidential election.

Prosecutors say she told a colleague that “idk is treason” and posted a mirror selfie on Instagram with the caption, “Defamation is as good as publicity. Either way I’m better known. XOXO.”

The court could sentence her to six months in prison, although she is likely to be sentenced to a much shorter or lesser sentence when she is sentenced in November. District Judge Christopher Cooper decided to hand down the sentence during a personal hearing in DC, but said the court’s authority and her family’s failure to vaccinate her with Covid-19 could change the plan.

As a result of this petition, the lawyers increased the pressure on the Capital Riot defenders who bragged about their participation after the fact. Defendants are not required to apologize, but federal prosecutors do Cited comments quoted Some argued in court that they should face harsher punishments.

Courtright began to cry as she prepared to file her guilty plea during the virtual proceedings on Monday.

“I’m just – I’m just trembling. I’m sorry,” she told the judge.

Courtright said she withdrew from the University of Kentucky shortly after Jan. 6, where she studied mathematical economics. In December, Courtright will face a board at the school that will decide if she can return to class.

The Justice Department has convicted more than 590 people in a major investigation into the capital riots. So far, 46 people have pleaded guilty.


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