Green Pass, from the trips to the school, the day of the ‘phase 2’ has arrived: here from September 1 where the vaccination certificate or the tampon will be needed

Green Pass, from the trips to the school, the day of the ‘phase 2’ has arrived: here from September 1 where the vaccination certificate or the tampon will be needed

Trains e airplanes, school e University: the day of the extension of the green pass to new business – na restaurants e bar indoors, gyms and concerts – it’s here. By1st of September the use of the vaccination certificate or swab to access places and activities is expanding, as decided by the Draghi government at the beginning of the month. And as the tension mounts, with the measure’s opponents promising battle and ready to demonstrative actions in the stations it is good to keep in mind which aspects of daily life are affected by the measure. Here is an overview sheet stating where it should be displayed and where the Green Pass is not yet mandatory.

SCHOOL – No green pass obligation for students schools that can stop until September 30 at a controlled price: 8 euros for under 18s, 15 for others. He is obliged to display it instead teaching staff e school. l vulnerable subjects, who for medical reasons do not have access to vaccination, are entitled to free tampons. For others, in the absence of a pass, after five days of unjustified absence will activate the delaywithout salary.

UNIVERSITY – Mandatory pass for everyone, from students – in their absence they can use the distance lessons with the organization entrusted to individual universities – to teachers, researchers and staff, who are subject to the same rules as for school administrators.

BUS – The pass is for traveling through at least two regions, while it is not required for those who move in the same Region or between two neighbors, and for urban public transport.

TRAINS – Green certification is required to board High speed, Intercity e Intercity night. On the other hand, it is not necessary for regional and interregional.

AIRPLANES – Obligation to have a green pass when boarding all flightseven national. However, in this case, which was released 14 days after release first dose, while for the International two weeks must have passed since the second. Alternatively, in either case, a cotton swab or try the healing from Covid.

FERRIES AND SHIPS – Certificate in hand to board ships, ferries and hydrofoils operating between regions, excluding those operating the Strait of Messina. If you’re moving to the same region, you won’t need it.

HOW TO GET IT – The QR code it is obtained after administration of at least the first dose of vaccine (validity 9 months, but will soon be extended to one year) or recovery of the infection (validity 6 months) or performing a molecular test O fast antigen with negative result (with validity 48 ore). Those who have appropriate medical certification are exempt.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD – The issuance of the Certification is reported via: e-mail O text message. Who has the?app Io will receive a notification and find the pass in the app. Otherwise, it can be downloaded with the received Authcode from the dedicated website or from Immune.

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