hail hits the vineyards of Vicenza

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hail hits the vineyards of Vicenza

Many vineyards were affected, but also several vegetable fields. Farmers evaluate losses suffered by yet another storm surge

Wind and ice on the crops – A short but violent storm hit the cultures, with strong wind gusts and an ice storm. In the Alta Padovana, serious damage has been done to large crops, to vegetables in Piombino, Trebaseleghe, in the Camposampierese area, as well as to the Riviera del Brenta (Venice) in Mira, Borbiago and Mestre.

Coldiretti wants help with risky activities – Coldiretti technicians and farmers are determined to monitor the impact of yet another meteorological explosion and plan to seek help for those engaged in an activity, such as agriculture, which is so exposed to climate change and increasingly causing extreme phenomena , with strong consequences for productions.

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