Hannity called on Biden to resign over the release of American citizens from Afghanistan

Hannity called on Biden to resign over the release of American citizens from Afghanistan

Fox News host Sean Hannity President Biden on Monday demanded his resignation for “lying” about his pledge to stay with the American people. Afghanistan Until every citizen is expelled.

“Apparently Joe Biden was lying to all of us,” Hannity told the audience after the last U.S. plane left Kabul. “It’s beyond politics, that’s it [for] Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal. Everyone should see it here. “

Biden promised to stay in Afghanistan

The host referred to Biden Previous interview With George Stefanopoulos of ABC News, where he promised on August 18 that American military The goal in Afghanistan was to get “all” out, including American and Afghan allies and their families.

Marine Corps General Kenneth F. Mackenzie Jr., however, announced Monday evening that U.S. Soldier Hundreds of Americans remain stationed at Kabul airport.

Hanniti called the defeat “the worst self-motivated foreign policy in American history” and demanded the removal of “everyone involved”.

“Removed by Secretary of State Blinken,” Hannity said. “Jake Sullivan, removed. All of this must be held accountable for this uninterrupted disaster. Yes, Joe Biden was removed, too,” he said.

“Under Joe Biden’s leadership, the terrorist said all the shots,” the host added. “We will stop lying here. The Taliban is a terrorist group [Biden] He said the Taliban had promised a safe passage …. which, you should find funny. “

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Hannity said the only emphasis is on withdrawal President Biden Decreased cognitive status.

“We know it’s declining rapidly, cognitively,” Host said. “I know he has soup for the brain, but someone in the administration remembers 2001’s 9/11.”

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