Happening in Brazil.. A player denies the referee the yellow card (video)

Happening in Brazil.. A player denies the referee the yellow card (video)

Gremio suffered a touching defeat at home to Corinthians Paulista with one goal in a thrilling match, in the 18th round of the Brazilian football league.

The events of the match started after striker Joe scored the goal for the visitors in the 79th minute. The hosts’ players protested the goal, especially the player Maicon who lost his mind leading to the referee’s Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro showing the red card to the player’s face.

And things were made worse by a controversial arbitration case in the fatal time in the penultimate minute of the match’s original time, where Gremio striker Diego de Souza Andrade fouled the opposing goalkeeper outside the penalty area, demanding the striker to show the red card in the face of the goalkeeper, but the referee was satisfied with the yellow card.

Souza pulled the “stealing” of the yellow card from the referee’s hand in protest at his decision, and refused to return it to him, but the referee surprised him by pulling another yellow card from his pocket, and it appears that he was merciful to the “thief” and did not show the yellow card to his face for his act, according to the data of the match.

Corinthians Paulista increased his score to 27 points after this win and moved up to sixth in the standings.

While Gremio’s balance after this defeat stopped at 16 points and occupied eighteenth place in the ranking.

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