“I Don’t Really Care” – Conor McGregor Rejects a Question About Jake Paul

Conor McGregor (left), Jake Paul (right) [Right Image Courtesy: @jakepaul on Instagram]

Irish MMA superstar and global UFC icon Conor McGregor was recently spotted outside asking a fan about Jake Paul. ‘The Notorious’ mixed martial artist expressed his complete disinterest in a single sentence before changing the subject. The interaction appears to have taken place right before the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley.

Find the transcript of the short interaction below:

“Interviewer: What do you think of Jake Paul and the boxing match? Who do you have?”

“McGregor: I don’t care that much, to be honest.”

Watch the exchange below:

As soon as he answered the question, Conor McGregor turned his attention to a vintage car parked nearby and changed the subject. Obviously, the former UFC doubles champion doesn’t want to pay more attention to the Paul brothers than they already get.

After the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, Conor McGregor got the world’s attention when he tweeted a single word, seemingly in response to the fight. The tweet read:


MMA and martial arts fans around the world immediately stormed the comments, calling for a fight between him and Jake Paul. It almost seemed as if Conor McGregor was suddenly interested in fighting ‘The Problem Child’.

A few minutes later, however, McGregor proved why he is the king of mental warfare and the best at holding people to his lips. Conor McGregor’s next tweet gave context to his previous one while simultaneously trolling everyone on the internet.

His next tweet read:

“My lobster pasta is on its way”

Conor McGregor has rejected Jake Paul in the past

‘The Problem Child’ has called and called Conor McGregor every chance he gets, and for good reason. The Irishman is the biggest draw in the world of modern martial arts. After simultaneously becoming a UFC champion in two divisions and fighting Floyd Mayweather in his pro boxing debut, Conor McGregor transcended the sport of mixed martial arts.

The Irishman is a household name at the moment and Jake Paul himself has gained a huge amount of fame. There’s no denying that a possible fight between the two would generate huge revenue. However, Conor McGregor has rejected the YouTuber time and time again.

In an interview a few months ago, the Irishman called the Paul brothers “dingbats.” Obviously he is not interested in what they are doing. However, knowing McGregor’s love for a big show, it wouldn’t be completely strange to rule out the prospect of McGregor and Paul crossing over in the future.

Watch the interview below:

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