Linda Sarsour’s True Love (Besides Hating Jews)

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Linda Sarsour’s True Love (Besides Hating Jews)

Professor David Bernstein of the Antonin Scalia Law School in Mason recently reminded me that while many of us tend to focus on who hates Linda Sarsour (rhymes with Jooos), we may sometimes forget who she loves the most.

While at the same time giving you some pretty useful life advice:

What does Linda look like when she dreams about Linda?

Although if I gave her a psychoanalysis, she often tries to be someone she’s not by showing that she is not quite comfortable in her own (white) skin. So maybe deep down she doesn’t love herself as much as she seems.

Now that I think about it…

By the way, Linda, if your arms are two tones, those colors are white and off-white.

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David Lange

Law graduate David Lange made the transition from his work in the oil and hi-tech industry to full-time advocacy in Israel. He is a respected Middle Eastern commentator and analyst who has often been quoted by the mainstream media

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