Max Verstappen meets F1 managers after qualifying Norris crashes / F1 Belgian Grand Prix[F1-Gate .com]

Max Verstappen meets F1 managers after qualifying Norris crashes / F1 Belgian Grand Prix[F1-Gate .com]

Red Bull Honda’s Max Verstappen revealed that he had met race director Michael Masi after Lando Norris (McLaren) crashed in Q3 of the F1 Belgian Grand Prix.

During the qualifying session, Spa-Francorchamps was hit by the “Spa Weather” turmoil, and the rain was even stronger in the final section.

Sebastian Vettel did not show the red flag early in Q3, even though he pointed out the dangerous condition on the radio that he should “make it a red flag”.

Lando Norris, who tried to attack first, caused an aquaplaning phenomenon in Au Rouge and crashed violently into the barrier. I had an x-ray in the hospital, but luckily was allowed to enter the race.

Max Verstappen, who won pole position, went to Michael Machine’s office after completing his mission with the media, fearing that Lando Norris’ crash had finally raised the red flag.

“It was already raining a lot, so maybe I should have stopped a few seconds ago,” Max Verstappen told DeTelegraaf.

“When I got back from the press conference, I went to his office and talked to him for a while.”

“Vettel was already there. Rand’s situation was not going well, but the other sessions went well.”

After discussion, Max Verstappen concluded that he could work with drivers to help Michael Masi understand track conditions.

“We talked on Sunday that we could tell what we could and couldn’t do as drivers. We would drive if we could and get a red flag if we didn’t. We’re trying to help him. He’s in and doesn’t know the exact condition”, explains Max Verstappen.

“In Q3 you have to take a little risk, but don’t push too much because you will be 8th or 9th.

“When it rains, you have to be much more careful than when it’s dry. If you brake or steer too slowly, you lose a lot of time.”

“When I think about it later, it seems like it is now, but when I get on the machine, I have to focus. It could be completely ruined. It’s not easy.”

In the race on Sunday, the rain was heavy and persistent, and Max Verstappen eventually finished the race after the safety car and became the winner of the race.

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