Merkel: “A huge difference between me and Olaf Scholz” – domestic politics

Merkel: “A huge difference between me and Olaf Scholz” – domestic politics

Now the Chancellor is intervening in the election campaign – with a blow to Olaf Scholz (63), the SPD’s chancellor candidate!

During a joint press conference with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (35, ÖVP), Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) commented on the Bundestag’s election campaign – clearly disgracing Vice-Chancellor Scholz, who has so far NOT formed a coalition with left has ruled out Party.

Merkel to Scholz: “If you refer to me, so to speak, there is a difference: with me as chancellor, there would never be a coalition involving the left. And whether this is shared by Olaf Scholz or not remains to be seen. And in that context, it’s just that for the future of Germany there is a huge difference between me and Olaf Scholz.”

Why is she rubbing her vice chancellor like that?

In the TV three-way battle, Scholz had phrased half sentences like: “My and the chancellor’s wish is…” The message: ER is closest to Merkel. After all, as finance minister, he led a government with her.

Probably not a random gesture: Olaf Scholz makes the Merkel diamond (here on August 21)Photo: photo alliance/dpa

Sneaking Legacy! – This is the accusation of Union greats such as CSU boss Markus Söder (54) and Hesse’s Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU, 69) towards Scholz, who was also photographed with a Merkel diamond on the cover of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine”.

Merkel initially launched her attack on Scholz in a soft and diplomatic way in response to a journalistic question: “As far as the election campaign is concerned, I am pleased that Olaf Scholz recognizes what we have achieved in the grand coalition, because I think we are a lot there. moved together. And that the SPD speaks positively about this was not always the case in the past, but it is good that it is.”

Nevertheless, the following applies: “For my part, I want to say clearly that for the future and especially in these times very clear statements are needed about the continuation of government work, regardless of the constellation.”

Because Scholz so far – most recently in the TV triumph of the three chancellor candidates on Sunday – does not rule out a government formation with the Die Linke party.


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