Monica Smit: Anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown activist arrested for ‘incitement’

Monica Smit: Anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown activist arrested for ‘incitement’

A former reality TV contestant who has emerged as Victoria’s most prominent anti-lockdown activist broadcast her “arrest” live.

A former reality TV contestant who has emerged as the most prominent anti-lockdown activist in Victoria has broadcast what she claims is her “arrest” on sedition charges.

Anti-extremist Monica Smit now runs Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA).

It first emerged in October as the main promoter of the bus that drove across Melbourne demanding the dismissal of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

But four years ago, she was briefly a contestant employment survivor After a career in sales.

On Tuesday, Smit posted a video of her sitting in her car after being stopped by police near the Springville police station.

“I was stopped by the cops, probably because I’m out of my 5 kilometer,” she said. But we will see what happens. Just thought I’d go live just in case.”

Then an officer was heard saying to her, “We’re just from the Springville Police Station. Right now, we need to have a conversation with you about an incitement issue. So I need to put you under arrest.”

Victoria Police declined to comment on whether Smit had been arrested, what charges she was facing or whether she had been released with a warning.

She continues to ask the police if they are “following her” after they mention her name without giving it to the officers.

“What or what?” She said, “Were you guys following me?

The self-styled journalist previously used her blog to secure a work permit to move around the state during previous lockdowns.

In her video app for survivorShe described herself as someone who worked primarily in sales and said she wasn’t shy about paying attention.

Content on the far-right activist’s page she shares includes praising a “mother of seven” who wants to keep her nail salon open despite the closures and “secret moms groups” who want to remove barriers around public playgrounds.

Campaign materials state that “in a coordinated campaign, parents and taxpayers will undo stadium barrier tape, cable ties and other restrictive devices in stadiums across Victoria”.

“Individuals have already started work, but in the first coordinated statewide campaign, the individuals involved will help maintain children’s mental health by opening playgrounds across Victoria.”

In June, Smit told her online followers that she was worried she might be arrested for sedition.

“I just want you to know that we are working tirelessly, trying to find ways for us to make this country better than it is now,” she said.

“It’s really hard to organize the events because of the state of incitement. If I was accused of incitement it would silence me, first, because the terms of the bail would mean I couldn’t speak on the internet.

Incitement is a dangerous thing. It carries jail time, exorbitant fines or fines and things like that. So, if you’re wondering why I don’t say, “Just take to the streets and screw up the government,” it’s because you have to be wary of accusations of incitement. I am willing to take many risks but calculated. “

Later in the video, she named – who opposes her group Corona Virus the exams VaccinesMasks, QR codes and social distancing – give your followers tips on how to avoid using QR codes when shopping at the supermarket.

“If they’re literally logging you in, it’s really hard to get away with so I’ll ask for an alternate method and I’ll put my phone in the car so I can’t use my phone. We’re still looking for loopholes, it’s harder than we thought.”

The group has links with former Hughes Liberal Representative, Craig Kelly, who is Also regularly on a channel named after.

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