NSW Covid-19: Brad Hazard responds to ‘selfish’ people who refuse a vaccine

NSW Covid-19: Brad Hazard responds to ‘selfish’ people who refuse a vaccine

The NSW Health Minister has picked up on ‘selfish’ residents as the state adds more than 1,000 new cases to its coronavirus tally.

The NSW Health Minister has criticized “selfish or self-righteous” people who are missing out on their chance of getting a coronavirus vaccine.

Brad Hazzard’s comments came as the state reported that two-thirds of adults had received at least one stroke.

Mr Hazard was asked what the virus situation will look like in October, when ICU admissions are expected to peak.

He replied that it would depend on how many people were vaccinated before then.

What are the actual numbers vary depending on the input. “The most important input, of course, is the number of people to be vaccinated,” Hazzard said.

“So the short answer is, as I said earlier: Go out and get vaccinated. Don’t be so selfish or have the right to think you are different from the rest of us. You are not.

“Go get vaccinated and give the whole community, especially the medical staff on the front lines, a fair chance.”

People who are vaccinated against the coronavirus are less likely to become seriously ill or die if they contract the virus. Vaccines have also been shown to be effective in reducing transmission.

Full coverage is reached once a person has received two doses of the vaccine, with the second dose given 4-12 weeks after the first dose.

As the coronavirus outbreak that began in Sydney in mid-June has spiraled out of control, the state government has increased its efforts to raise vaccination rates.

According to Commonwealth figures released at the weekend, 35.8 per cent of eligible people in NSW have been fully vaccinated.

People over 16 years of age are now eligible to be vaccinated. People between the ages of 12 and 15 will be eligible from mid-September.

It is hoped that a combination of sever stroke rates and strict restrictions on movement will reduce NSW case numbers and hospitalizations.

Since June 16, there have been more than 21,000 cases in NSW, with another 1,164 on Tuesday.

Since then, 96 deaths related to the virus have been recorded, and on Tuesday 871 people were hospitalized, including 143 in intensive care.


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