NSW Covid-19 updates: Rydalmere brothel fined for operating during lockdown

NSW Covid-19 updates: Rydalmere brothel fined for operating during lockdown

A brothel in western Sydney has been hit with huge fines for operating during lockdown, with a client giving the police a strange excuse.

Staff and customers in a western Sydney brothel have been fined $12,500 after the company continued to operate during the citywide shutdown.

Officers were called to a brothel Monday night in Rydalmere after a phone call with Crime Stoppers about a possible breach.

Police said they spoke with the 57-year-old owner before finding three female employees, aged 31, 36 and 56, inside.

Two agents, 56 and 57, were inside the building as well, and neither were wearing masks, according to police.

The police said they all denied that the company was in business, and one of the men claimed he was bidding for a paint job. The other said he was visiting his girlfriend.

New South Wales Police said in a statement that investigators later confirmed that the company was operating.

Both those involved were fined for not wearing masks and violating the curfew, with the exception of the 36-year-old woman who lived on the property.

The owner was also fined $5,000.

Officers told the group to go home, but the 31-year-old allegedly tried to return to the brothel shortly thereafter.

She was arrested and charged with not complying with a curfew in an area of ​​concern and not wearing a face covering in the interior area of ​​the common property.

The Strathfield woman has been granted conditional bail and will appear in court in October.

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