Palestinian Arab Teen’s Story of ‘Settler’s Attack’ Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

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Palestinian Arab Teen’s Story of ‘Settler’s Attack’ Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Israel must investigate the brutal attack on a Palestinian teenager by right-wing Jewish extremists that took place earlier this month, urged Tor Wennesland, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

β€œOn August 17, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was attacked in the northern west bank, in which a group of Israeli settlers kidnapped the boy, tied him to a tree and brutally attacked, chopped and burned him,” Wennesland told the United Nations Security Council on Monday.

“I am deeply concerned about this heinous act and I expect the Israeli authorities to conduct swift, thorough and transparent investigations and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable,” Wennesland told the Council when it met in New York for its monthly meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The story of the attack by the teenager, Tareq Abdel Razzak Mohammed Zubaidi, was reported by the Palestinian NGO, Defense for Children International-Palestine, which filmed him describing the attack in Arabic. It subsequently provided English subtitles.

The story of the alleged attack on the teen came to my attention a few days ago, after readers pointed it out to Faith 972 report, which contains the following glaring inconsistency:

Zbeidi said he tried to yell at them, but the kidnappers spoke to him in Hebrew, which he couldn’t understand.


Zbeideh estimates the attack lasted between half an hour and 40 minutes, with the attackers berating him repeatedly. “They kept verbally humiliating me, talking about my mother and sister, calling me an ‘asshole’ while spitting on me.”

If he did not understand their Hebrew, how did he know the content of their curses on him?

At the time I told Faith this wasn’t enough to slander him – they may have cursed him in Arabic, and there to have There have been instances of Jews attacking Arabs, albeit not as common as the reverse. But now that I’ve seen the video above, read and read the 972 report this report of DCI Palestine, I noticed a lot of more inconsistencies between the versions of events. Too much to ignore.

I have tried to summarize them in the table below. The inconsistencies are both chronological and substantive (such as different tools and weapons used and duration of the attack), and mostly relate to the boy’s own account(s) about the events, but also include statements from the uncle and friend of the boy.

Video DCI Palestine 972 (boy version) 972 (Friend’s version)
Boy and his friends bought snacks and hung out. After 20 minutes they heard shout in Hebrew. Shortly afterwards they heard voices speak in Hebrew and saw two Israeli settlers walking nearby. One of the settlers was armed with a pistol. Boy and his friends bought snacks and went on a picnic. After 20 minutes, two people arrive on foot and in a gray car. She spoke to the boys in Hebrew. The boys went on a picnic. The attackers threw bottles and rocks at them.
His friends ran away and a car hit him The boys fled. The settlers chased him in their car and beat him His friends ran away and a car hit him The boys have run away The settlers told them to stop in Arabic
Settlers tied him to the front of the car and drove to the settlement They beat him with wooden sticks as he lay on the ground. Brought two settlers ropes from the car, tied him to the car (tie the ropes with long metal chains), and drove to the settlement Four settlers got out of the car, three hit it, and… the fourth brings a cable. They put the boy on the hood, tied him up and drove to the settlement.
When they hit the brakes, the boy fell to the ground When the driver hit the brakes, those holding the metal chains released them and the boy fell to the ground They hit the brakes and the boy was thrown forward because they had disconnected the cable while driving
They tied his hands from behind with plastic ties The boy about 70 settlers. Once they saw him, one of them then hit him once on the back and legs with a metal rod another settler pepper sprayed him, while he screamed They tied him up with plastic [handcuffs] that the military uses and beat his legs with sticks
She covered his eyes with a shirt, tied him to a tree branch and hung him from it. They also tied his feet. The settlers blindfolded him and tied his hands behind his back with a plastic cord. He remained immobilized as the settlers hit, kicked, punched and spat at him for about 90 minutes. Then they hung him from a tree with his feet unable to reach the ground They released the handcuffs and hung him from a tree, his hands crossed over his head. His feet did not touch the ground.
Someone started hitting him with a stick. At some point they have burned his feet with sharp tools, sprayed pepper spray and tased him One of the settlers groped him with an electrified baton, scratched his foot with a sharp objectand burned the sole of his right foot The settlers attacked him with pepper spray and an electric shock absorber
He tried to yell at them, but the kidnappers spoke to him in Hebrew, which he doesn’t understand
They brought a rubber belt and beat him with it
They took him down He was rescued from the tree They cut the rope and he fell to the ground
four settlers hit him, stomped on him and spat on him A settler hit him on the head with a wooden stick and threw him on a cactus They cut his legs with a knife and used the car’s cigarette lighter to burn him twice on his right leg.
He started to cry and begged them to let him go
They laughed, spat and cursed him They spat and cursed at him.
Attack lasted 30-40 minutes
The boy lost consciousness and woke up in a military jeep The boy lost consciousness and woke up in a military jeep The attackers eventually hit him on the head with a piece of wood, and he lost consciousness, waking up in a military jeep handcuffed and bleeding
Uncle saw signs of trampling on his neck, back and hands Uncle saw shoe marks on his neck, and… chest, and his legs were bloodied and scratched

While some chronological inconsistencies may not indicate that the boy is lying about what happened (for example, he may have become confused), I highly doubt the content inconsistencies can be seen in the same way.

But it is clear that the boy was attacked by someone, as he had injuries. It may still be that he was attacked by Jews, but to a lesser extent in what was described and perhaps in retaliation for throwing stones or the like. Reader Faith had another theory:

Yasmine Mohammed has explained in her book how Muslims often abuse relatives by hitting the bottoms of their feet (to hide wounds)

I’m not saying he wasn’t attacked by Jews, but what I’m saying is that the boy seems to be lying. At the very least, Tor Wennesland should have investigated the allegations, as I have, before stating the facts of what he was doing.

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