Paramedic stabbed in Besançon: Inquiry opened for intentional manslaughter

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Paramedic stabbed in Besançon: Inquiry opened for intentional manslaughter

An investigation opens for intentional manslaughter after the murder of a 50-year-old paramedic, Saturday 28 August, in Besançon in the Doubs, indicates France Blue Besançon. The respondent, a 40-year-old man with psychotic disorders, is currently being treated in a psychiatric hospital in Novillars.

After a phone call from his family to Samu early Saturday morning, two paramedics went to the 40-year-old’s home in the Planoise district, police said. Also alarmed, it arrived at the scene minutes after the ambulance.

A tribute organized on Wednesday

Knowing the man in question, the two paramedics entered the man without waiting for the police. It was at this time that the defendant stabbed one of the paramedics, Moussa Dieng, only 50 years old and the father of two children. Taken to hospital by his colleague, he died a few hours later.

In total, three judicial investigations have been opened, the Prosecutor of the Republic of Besançon, Etienne Manteaux, announced. One for intentional homicide and two for attempted homicide, on two of the respondent’s neighbors.

On Saturday, the drama had responded by Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. “Today a man died trying to help,” he complained in a tweet. “He was a paramedic and had decided to dedicate his professional life to others. All my thoughts are with his teammate, his family, his colleagues and his friends. “

The investigation is also expected to determine whether the private ambulance company Jussieu, for which the victim worked, had been warned of the imminent arrival of the police five minutes after the murder.

“At this stage I will not speak of a major dysfunction”, estimated the prosecutor, however. For its part, the ambulance company Jussieu will organize a tribute for its premises in Besançon on Wednesday, September 1. A cat was also opened to support the victim’s family.

The money raised will be used to pay for the funeral and to organize the repatriation of the victim’s body to Senegal, where his family and relatives can pray.

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