Schools, transport, security … Emmanuel Macron’s “plan” to respond to “carelessness”

Schools, transport, security … Emmanuel Macron’s “plan” to respond to “carelessness”

Never had he stayed so long since the beginning of his five-year term in one and the same city in France. From this Wednesday Emmanuel Macron land on
Marseille with behind him a procession led by eight ministers and secretaries of state, and in his wallet a plan described as historical for France’s second city. A city for which the head of state, also an outspoken advocate of
freak, Regularly declares his attachment since his election in 2017. “The president has a very special relationship with the city of Marseille, an affection, an attachment”, we confirm at the Elysee.

However, it cannot be suggested that the president of the republic improvises mayor of Marseille for some time. “It may seem strange to you, but the head of state has not told me anything,” exclaimed Benoît Payan this Tuesday morning at the RMC microphone, while Jean-Jacques Bourdin asked him about the announcements to come. “The aim pursued is not to say that Paris will manage Marseille,” the Elysee warns. If Emmanuel Macron is concentrating his efforts in Marseille, it will be because France’s second-largest city “has a number of sociological and economic problems,” the palace said. A situation the Elysee attributes, in harsh terms, to “local communities, which are a bit, and it’s not an insult to say it, in a form of neglect or local inability to meet the challenges.”

An “ad hoc structure” to renovate schools

One of the main axes of this plan is the issue of the renovation of schools in Marseille, which has been the subject of controversy for years. On the occasion of the start of the school year this Thursday, the head of state will visit a school in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille, in the northern districts of the city. “The President of the Republic will meet in this school the actors of a consultation organized by the municipality last April, the municipal elected officials, but also the teams of teachers, the parents of pupils, the pupils and the municipal staff to discuss their aspirations. school buildings”, specifies the entourage of the head of state.

In Marseille, the new left-wing majority has indeed given priority to the renovation of schools. A renovation plan for nearly 300 schools estimated at 1.2 billion euros over a period of five years is thus in preparation, in consultation with the Elysee, and Emmanuel Macron would announce during his visit the amount of the financial participation of the state in this project. have to make. In addition, in order to manage these projects, “the largest land renovation operation in the country”, to use the words of Benoît Payan, the Elysée is considering the creation of an “ad hoc structure” to “allow as much operational management as possible. concrete and as controlled as possible in the sense of the credits to be provided by the State “The idea is not for the ministries to pilot”, confirms the entourage of the President of the Republic, but to lead to a “partnership work” with the town hall of Marseille, which has the competence in the matter.

Security Announcements

The creation of a similar structure to boost transport in the metropolis would also be considered, as already exists in Paris with the company Grand Paris. Which projects will be developed as a priority in a city with only two metro lines concentrated in a few neighborhoods in the center and south of the city? How to manage this financing? At this point, the Elysee remains elusive, simply referring to a “working lunch with elected officials from the metropolis and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss the nature of the needs,” scheduled for this Thursday.

The president also knows that he is expected on the security front in Marseille, at a time when the city of Marseille is experiencing a worrying explosion of settlements. A series “dedicated to security” on this theme therefore slipped into his agenda on his arrival on Wednesday afternoon. According to our information, the Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who had already announced a police reinforcement of 300 officers over a period of three years during a previous trip, as well as the Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti, who traveled through Marseille last week, will visit this week Marseille again together with the head of state. “We will have announcements made by the president on real estate, police equipment and personnel,” we promise on the Elysee side.

It was also an opportunity for the Head of State to recall the Government’s track record in this area, while on the ground the residents of the northern neighborhoods feel totally neglected. “In Marseille, we have had 807 operations to dismantle outlets since 2021, leading to 1,210 police detentions and 177 people in prison,” we hammer in the entourage of the President of the Republic. On the eve of the arrival of the head of state, associations and relatives have decided to organize a white march on the Oude Haven this Tuesday evening, as a tribute to the victims of the settlement.

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