Storm Bavaria: flood situation! Highest warning level in two circles – also warning for Munich

Storm Bavaria: flood situation!  Highest warning level in two circles – also warning for Munich

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A low brings continuous rain to Bavaria, the DWD already warns. A red warning is in place in some regions. Now there are also warnings from the flood intelligence service.

  • Munich flood warning: Isar level exceeds reporting level 1. (see update of August 30, 21:12)
  • Numerous districts in Bavaria are affected by flood warnings. (Overview: see update of August 30, 5:28 PM)
  • All developments about the flooding situation in Bavaria in the news sticker.

Update from August 30, 21:12: The weather in Munich has calmed down. However, the level of the Isar continues to rise. At around 9 p.m., he exceeded notification level 1 with a length of 248 cm. On Sunday (29 August), the level was about a whole meter lower. The flood warning for the district and the city of Munich is expected to last until 9 a.m. Tuesday. During the night, the HND initially expects a rise, but after 2 hours “a slow decline in water levels can be expected”.

The flood warning in the Rottal-Inn district has now been lifted. As well as in Miesbach, Mühldorf an der Inn and Weilheim-Schongau. The highest warning level will remain in the districts of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm and Kelheim, expected until 12 noon on Tuesday. The following districts still have a flood warning for “overflows and floods”:

  • District Forchheim (reporting level 1)
  • City and district of Fürth (reporting level 2)
  • District Erding (reporting level 3)
  • District Freising (reporting level 3)
  • City and district of Landshut (reporting level 1)
  • City and district of Rosenheim (reporting level 1)
  • District Traunstein (reporting level 1)
  • District Berchtesgadener Land (reporting level 1)

Floods in Bavaria: DWD warns of thunderstorms and “heavy persistent rain” in Munich

Update of August 30, 7:24 PM: In Munich, there is currently a DWD warning for “strong thunderstorms” and “heavy persistent rain”. The level of the Isar thus continues to rise and is now 217 cm. It is unlikely that the reporting level will really exceed 1 in 240 cm at 8 p.m., the flood news service reports. Nevertheless, a flood warning for the city and district of Munich still applies. The Weilheim-Schongau district can breathe easy again. The flood warning was lifted by the Weilheim water board office.

The persistent rain causes numerous rivers in Bavaria to flood.

© Peter Kneffel / dpa

Update from August 30, 18:12: Many districts in Bavaria currently have a flood warning (see update 4:15 PM). Meanwhile, the flood intelligence service for two districts has released everything. Because the water level in the districts of Mühldorf an der Inn and Miesbach has fallen sharply, the flood warning has been lifted there. Further excesses are not to be expected.

Storm situation in Bavaria: flood warning now also for Munich

Update from August 30, 5:28 PM: In the district and city of Munich there is now a flood warning for “overflows and floods”. The rains lead to “a significant rise in water levels in the Isar.” The High Water News Service (HND) assumes that reporting level 1 on the Munich/Isar meter is exceeded at 8 p.m. “The top of the HW wave with 265 cm is expected around 2 a.m. tonight, after which a slow decrease in water levels is expected,” writes the HND.

Update from August 30, 4.15 pm: A warning about the applies in many regions of Bavaria DWD for continuous rain. The flood intelligence service has also announced that some areas are at risk of flooding. This morning there were reporting levels one and two (see first report). In two provinces, notification level 4 is now even applicable, which means that there is a “flood hazard for built-up areas”. This flood warning applies in the districts of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm and Kelheim. The detailed explanation of reporting level 4 states: “Built areas to a large extent flooded or require extensive use of water or dams.”

In many regions of Bavaria, entire streets are under water from the flood.

© Thomas Gaulke

In the Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district, the level of the Ilm is said to be currently stagnating at reporting level 4 and heavy rainfall has since decreased. In the Kelheim district it is expected that after the Abens in Mainburg has exceeded the level, the level at Aunkhofen will also reach reporting level 4.

Numerous districts hit by flood warnings in Bavaria

In addition to the reporting level 4 districts, a total of 12 other districts in Bavaria are affected by flood warnings. Reporting level 3, i.e. a “for overflow and flooding” warning currently applies in the following circles:

  • district of Forchheim
  • City and district of Fürth
  • Erding District
  • Freising District
  • City and district of Landshut
  • District Muhldorf am Inno
  • Rosenheim City and District
  • district Miesbach
  • Traunstein District
  • Berchtesgadener Land District
  • Rottal-Inn Quarter
  • District Weilheim-Schongau

In the Rhön-Grabfeld district the all-clear was given at 4.09 pm. The flood warning of reporting level 3 no longer applies there. The districts of Altötting, Passau, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen and Neuburg Schrobenhausen are currently subject to a “pre-flood warning”.

Flood warnings in and around Munich: ‘Situation will continue to expand today’

First report of August 30, 10:10 AM: Munich – In the south of Upper Bavaria, there is a threat of more productive persistent rain. The German Weather Service has issued an official severe weather warning, which is valid until Tuesday (9pm). Affected are Rosenheim, Munich, the districts of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Miesbach, Ebersberg, Traunstein, Altötting and the Berchtesgadener Land.

Official severe weather warnings are available for parts of Bavaria.

© Screenshot DWD

Diep brings constant rain to Bavaria: HND warns of flooding danger

In Chiemgau in particular, precipitation of up to 60 liters per square meter is possible until Tuesday evening, a DWD meteorologist reported Monday. After about the same amount had been measured in parts of the region since Saturday morning, the weather service warned on Monday of possible flooding in streams and smaller rivers and of flooding of streets. Landslides are also possible.

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Continued rain in and around Munich: HND warns of flood risk

The flood intelligence service has warned (archive image)

© David Ebener / dpa / dpa-Bildfunk

The Bavarian Flood Intelligence Service reported Monday that individual rivers in Upper Bavaria could be flooded and reported level one and two floods. The first of four flood reporting levels are expected to be exceeded at the Isar meter in Munich and the Mangfall monitoring point in Rosenheim. Due to the expected rainfall, “the flooding situation will continue to expand, especially in southeastern Bavaria.

The situation should ease considerably again on Tuesday evening, according to the DWD expert. “The low above Eastern Europe then disappears.” It should be dry again in the region from the night on Wednesday.(came with dpa) * is an offer from IPP.MEDIA

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