The dolphins’ interest in Deshaun Watson contradicts last season’s stance on inequality

The dolphins’ interest in Deshaun Watson contradicts last season’s stance on inequality

The dolphins are reportedly interested in taking over Deshaun Watson.

The Dolphins Are Reportedly Interested In Taking Over Desfrom Watson.
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The Miami Dolphins are fake allies.

Before the start of the 2020 NFL season, the Dolphins took a very public and determined stance against the NFL and the superficial antics and “efforts” that were taking place across the country, due to the fallout from the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery – along with the shooting of Jacob Blake. And while Roger Goodell “finally saw the light” as to why players knelt and apologized to Colin Kaepernick, the NFL welcomed the sight of the peaceful protest, feeling like they were playing the Black National Anthem during Week 1. would deliver them from their sins.

Head coach Brian Flores and 18 members of the Dolphins released a video just days before their first game, demanding action and responsibility for gestures and words as they chose to stay in the locker room while the national anthem was played.

It contained lines like this:

“Because they have no voice, we stand up for the helpless.”

“We need changed hearts. Not just a response to pressure. Enough. No more fluff and empty gestures.”

“And when greed is not the compass, but love the guide.”

“Either you’re in denial, or you just don’t really care.”

The video was praised—and, of course, criticized—for being the first time we’ve seen an NFL team take such a firm stance in the name of equality.

“All I said to the players was, ‘Faith without works is dead. Faith or faith without works is dead,’” said Flores at the time. “We can talk about doing things, but we have to back it up with some action. They know that. They understand. Anyone who speaks out should understand that.”

That was last year. And last year is not like this year.

According to Yahoo Sports, the dolphins are the top candidate to land Deshaun Watson.

“Reports, speculation are not things we really concern ourselves with”, Flores said on Sunday. “Look, I understand the question, but as I’ve said in the past, any conversations we have or don’t have with other clubs will be internal. I’ve been pretty steadfast about that.”

And when he was asked about it again, this was his answer.

“I would say I’m interested in the players on our team,” Flores explained. “I’m interested in that.”

With multiple chances to debunk rumors that his team was trying to add a man with more than 20 assault allegations to his team, Flores stopped by not denying the reports.

This can’t be the same guy who said “faith without works is dead”, and “we have to back it up with some action”, right?

When you have a quarterback as talented as Watson, there will always be teams lining up to get their hands on him when it becomes clear that his days with his current team are pretty much over. While it has been proven that this is a league that will attract abusers, drug addicts and even players who have pleaded guilty to manslaughter, the fact is that the Dolphins are leading the pack to get a quarterback whose best defense is in his legal troubles.” these twenty-plus women are lying,” fakes everything they did last season — or as they said, “fluff and empty gestures.”

The desire for true equality means wanting it for everyone who is oppressed, not just those who are like you. The dolphins had no problem standing up to support the black men and women who were being hunted down by the police for seeing themselves, their teammates, or the women in their lives in that video.

But when it comes to Watson, and the more than twenty allegations made by female massage therapists against him, they no longer have the grace to extend to them – making them fake allies.

Right now you either believe all the alleged victims of Deshaun Watson or you think this is some kind of conspiracy and they are all lying. However, it doesn’t matter where you stand on this matter, what can’t be debated is that any time a franchise can switch from standing up for victims to trying to sign someone who supposedly took the victim so quickly, it’s pretty reasonable. is about the validity of their moral compass, because it seems that only certain lives matter to them.


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