The inter-union CGT-FO-Solidaires-FSU calls for a mobilization on October 5

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The inter-union CGT-FO-Solidaires-FSU calls for a mobilization on October 5

The inter-union CGT-FO-Solidaires-FSU calls for a mobilization on October 5.

An inter-union of the CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and the youth organizations Fidel, Unef and UNL called Monday evening for a mobilization day on October 5, for the defense of wages, jobs, working conditions and ‘studies’.

These organizations “oppose the health situation being used by the government and employers to accelerate the questioning of the rights and achievements of workers and young people,” they write in a statement read during a press conference at CGT’s headquarters in Montreuil. (Seine -Saint-Denis) Monday evening.

“The expansion and necessary acceleration of vaccination requires strengthening access to health, resources of public hospitals and occupational medicine. This requires persuasion and reassurance and not punishment of workers,” they continue. The CFE-CGC, which took part in the meeting organized on Monday at the invitation of the CGT, did not wish to participate in this strike and demonstration day. The CFDT, for its part, declined the invitation of the Montreuil power plant.

pension reform

In its press release, the inter-union warns against the “return of the pension reform” and against “the unemployment insurance reform”. If the government postpones pensions, it plans to implement the unemployment insurance reform from October 1, he says, the signals are green for employment.

The Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, promised on BFM Business last week to “return to the Council of State with a new decree”, to “have an operational text by October 1”. The highest administrative court suspended part of the reform on June 22 due to “uncertainties about the economic situation”.

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