the state must protect us – Time

the state must protect us – Time

‘Who chased and threatened me? I don’t know, my lawyer and Digos, whom I thank at Genoa police headquarters for the work they’re doing, are related.’ Matteo Bassetti on Monday, August 30 in In Onda, the program of Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo on La7, returns to what was reported yesterday, or the threats received by a 46-year-old Novax, who was then reported to the Police.

The infectious specialist from the San Martino Hospital in Genoa was in front of the man who started following him, took him back with his cell phone and yelled at him: “You will kill us all with these vaccines, we will make you pay”. Bassetti left and called the police who identified and reported the man. A symptomatic episode of the climate of recent days, with similar episodes involving other doctors, such as Pregliasco and two journalists, one reporter from RaiNews and one from Repubblicaa, attacked by no vax and no green pass activists.

“If I feel calm? Bassetti explains.” This morning, for the first time when I left the house with my motorcycle to go to the hospital, I was not calm. I’m asking if this is all true, I work in an entire hospital and I think the state should protect its doctors and health workers in a different way, who are dedicated to treating everyone,” Bassetti said.

The infectious disease specialist did not compare VAX violence with that of terrorists in recent days. “He feels left alone like Marco Biagi or Massimo D’Antona,” De Gregorio asks about the victims of the Red Brigades. “I do not feel in the condition of the people he has appointed, but I do feel in a moment of uncertainty, but I would like the mangistation to send a strong signal by quickly identifying and responding to the perpetrators of threats and violence. punish,” said the doctor.

For Bassetti, we shouldn’t give the deniers too much visibility. “We are talking about a minority, I would like to see the focus shifted to 80% of Italians who have been vaccinated, the good part, so to speak. The risk is that the noisy minority will take to the streets.”

The fact is that “there is a hard core” of people who are against vaccines, not just anti-Covid “with whom we tried to enter into a dialogue, but it’s like in 2017 with the Lorenzin law when Burioni and I got slaves from Big Pharma The truth is that the no-vax component is invincible,” concludes the infectious disease specialist.


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