They cook, suffocate while eating yogurt. 11 month old girl dead – Chronicle

They cook, suffocate while eating yogurt.  11 month old girl dead – Chronicle

The rescue helicopter intervened but there was nothing to do for the little one

Cusano Milanino (Milan), August 31, 2021 – E. died at 11 months for cardiac arrest, lying down at home with mother. A tragedy that currently has no clear explanation for what happened this morning around 12.30 in an apartment in via Sormani, close to the center of Cusano Milanino.

The baby was at home with the mother, of Egyptian descent, and she was eating yogurt when she suddenly stopped breathing and became cyanotic. A terrible scene, which the mother witnessed practically helplessly. He was trying to find out if something had blocked the airways. She also asked for help from the neighbor she was suffering Alerted the help of the Areu. But the precious seconds have passed without anyone being able to understand if the little girl has ingested something solid and how she can possibly free it to let her breathe again.

Ambulances and a Bergamo helicopter rescue team. The helicopter landed at the furthest point from via Sormani, on the border with Paderno. The little one, now dying was… transported to hospital in the capital of Bergamo where, however, she arrived practically already dead.

The investigations are now entrusted to the carabinieri who investigate the modalities of the domestic accident to explain this tragedy. It is not excluded that it has occupied a fixed element. Medical records are also evaluated for a call on the immediate action of Sesto San Giovanni that the family had asked last Saturday due to an inflammation in the child’s throat. To provide clearer elements to the investigation, the autopsy will be ordered by Monza’s prosecutor Rosario Ferracane.

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