Toby Greene GWS Giants AFL tribunal hearing, Star’s umpire bump

Toby Greene GWS Giants AFL tribunal hearing, Star’s umpire bump

The words Toby Greene said as he marched to a referee have been revealed, as the match official backflips his testimony.

Toby Greene is about to hear his fate at the AFL tribunal.

The GWS star sparked controversy during his side’s elimination final win over Sydney after it looked like he bumped into referee Matt Stevic.

The incident caused the football world to collapse in recent days after he was charged with intentional contact with the referee. The drama will ultimately be decided at the tribunal hearing that began at 9:00 a.m. (AEST).

The hearing began with Greene pleading not guilty.

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The great drama continued as the hearing unfolded with audio from the referee’s microphone saying Greene’s word as he marched to the referee.

“He took a damn dive,” said an angry Greene after giving Sydney a free kick towards the end of the third quarter.

Things took another dramatic turn minutes later when Stevic made a bombshell statement against Greene’s actions, claiming there was “an element of disrespect.”

“To be honest, I don’t think it looks good for the game. Not powerful, but some think it’s demonstrative,” he said.

He had previously said he wasn’t worried about the contact Greene had made.

He said he had done nothing to make the contact Greene had made with his right shoulder.

“I was aware that Toby Greene made a little bit of contact with me when he walked by. I considered the contact as minor and didn’t feel threatened at the time,” he said.

Greene was then called to testify, where he apologized while denying intentionally making contact with Stevic.

“I apologize for making contact and it’s definitely something I wasn’t trying to do,” he said.

“I agree it doesn’t look great for the game and I apologize.”

Greene kept his nerves in check during an interview with AFL attorney Jeff Gleeson, where he continually denied making contact intentionally.

Gleeson was scathing in his final summons, calling Greene’s act “‘insolent and contemptuous’.

The tribunal sits hours after veteran football journalist Caroline Wilson called on Greene to resign as captain if found guilty and suspended.

Read on below to see the extraordinary breakdown of Greene’s rap sheet.

The rules of the game state that any contact with an umpire deemed aggressive, forceful, demonstrative or disrespectful will be classified as intentional and the player will be referred directly to the tribunal – which AFL match rating official Michael Christian did on Monday.

Wilson set the tone for the scale of the hearing Monday night when she said the Giants have no choice but to ignore Greene as the club’s standout candidate to replace Stephen Coniglio as captain for the 2022 season.

Greene stepped in as reserve captain this year amid Coniglio’s injuries and is widely hailed as the most senior leader in the dressing room.

Wilson says none of that matters if Greene’s captaincy is made untenable by another suspension

“I think it will cost him the captaincy next year if they seriously try to replace Stephen Coniglio,” she told Channel 9’s Footy Classified.

“I don’t think you can give him the captain’s armband after he does this.”

She said Greene should be banned for several games.

“In my opinion, this hearing should suspend him for at least four weeks, and that’s probably lenient, six.” [weeks] looks more like it,” she said.

Pending the findings of the tribunal, Greene risks missing the Giants’ semifinal game against Geelong next week.

On Sunday afternoon, the “ump bump” saga took a new turn, after a previously unseen camera angle and slow-motion replay sparked debate among footy pundits.

At first glance, the footage of Greene’s bump looked powerful, but a slow motion replay seems to show Stevic running away from Greene of his own accord.

“In real time, it looks like he bumped it, but if you slow it down…it might be the camera that (makes him) look (powerful). I think it comes down to Matty Stevic’s evidence,” said four-time premiership player Jordan Lewis on Fox Footy.

Toby Greene’s recent finals rap sheet

As revealed by Twitter stats guru @sirswampthing, Greene has been indicted in five of his most recent six finals matches.

The 2019 big loss to Richmond is the only final where he has not been quoted by the match review official since 2017.

Greene has been fined a total of $30,000 in his career, including 22 charges by the race rating officer since his 2012 debut. He has been banned for a total of eight weeks.


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