Tokyo Paralympic Games, August 31 Highlights: India win two medals in high jump, Singhraj Adana win bronze in 10m air pistol final

Tokyo Paralympic Games, August 31 Highlights: India win two medals in high jump, Singhraj Adana win bronze in 10m air pistol final

Welcome to sports star‘s LIVE report of the Indian athletes in action at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.



To shoot: Singhraj Adana won bronze in the final of the 10 meter air pistol.

To shoot: Rubina Francis finished seventh in the final of the women’s 10m air pistol SH1.

Archery: Rakesh Kumar lost 143-145 to Ai Xinliang of China in the quarterfinals of the men’s individual compound open event.

Table tennis: The doubles pair of Bhavina Patel and Sonal Patel lost 0-3 against Y Zhou and B Zhang from China in the quarterfinals of the doubles divisions 4-5 and 0-2 in general.

Shot put: Bhagyashri Jadhav finished seventh with a personal best throw of 7m in the F34 Women’s Shot Put Final

Men’s high jump: Thangavelu Mariyappan and Sharad Kumar won silver and bronze medals respectively in the final of the men’s high jump – T63.


  • 1.88m: Mariyappan fails in his first two attempts. American Sam Grewe also fails in his first two attempts. If the two fail in their third attempt, the gold medal is shared. Sam clears in his third attempt, while Mariyappan fails. It is silver for the Indian Thangavelu Mariyappan
  • 1.86m: Both Indians miss the mark in their first attempts. The American also failed in his first. No luck for either of them in their second attempts either. Mariyappan clears it up in his third and final attempt! Sam from the US also manages to make the clear in this third. Sharad Kumar fails in his third attempt and will settle for the bronze medal.
  • TWO MEDALS CONFIRMED for India from Mariyappan and Sharad Kumar.
  • 1.83m: Mariyappan and Sharad have had no problems in the campaign so far. They again clear the target in their first attempts. Sam Grewe from the US is the only other athlete to have crossed the line meaning India is sure to walk away with two medals from the high jump.
  • 1.80m – Mariyappan and Sharad clear in first attempt. Varun Bhati’s campaign ends after he failed to reach the height in his three attempts. Only five athletes manage to exceed 1.80 and advance to the next height.
  • Mariyappan and Sharad have no trouble climbing 1.77m on their first attempts. It has been going smoothly for India’s medal contenders so far. After nearly managing to cross 1.73m, Varun joins his compatriots in his first attempt at 1.77m. Seven athletes remain in the competition, three of which are Indians!
  • Both Mariyappan and Sharad clear 1.73 in their first attempt in Tokyo. Varun Bhati misses his first. Each athlete is given a maximum of three attempts to reach a certain height. Varun crosses the 1.73m mark in this third attempt to stay alive in the competition.
  • Varun Bhati cleared his starting mark of 1.69 in the first attempt. The next jump would be for 1.73.

T63 men’s high jump is underway. India’s Rio 2016 gold medalist Mariyappan Thangavelu, Sharad Kumar and Varun Singh Bhati will be seen in action. India has a good chance of winning more than one medal in the high jump. M. Thangavelu has a personal best of 1.89 and Sharad Kumar has a personal best of 1.90. Both Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar will open at 1.73, while Varun Singh, who has a 1.86 PB, will start his attempts at 1.69m.

India’s Nishad had won the silver medal in the high jump in the T-47 category.


Action is underway in the men’s 10m air pistol sh1 final. Singhraj is number 2 after completing the first five shots of Series 1. He follows the Chinese Chao Yang by 0.2 points. Narwhal is currently seventh. Singhraj retains second place after completing Series 2. His total is 99.6. Narwhal is sixth with 97.2. The elimination round is now underway. Ibragimov Server from Uzbekistan is briefly in second place with Singhraj. Singhraj drops to third place with a total of 138.7. China’s Chao Yang and Xing Huang are 1 and 2 respectively. Singhraj is now outside the top 3. He is currently number 4 with a total of 157.8. It is currently a Chinese 1-2-3. Meanwhile, Manish Narwhal, who topped qualifying, has been eliminated. Singhraj fights tooth and nail – breaks into the top 3 again. But his stay is short-lived, as China occupies the Top 3 again. Singhraj and China’s Lou Xiaolong are currently neck and neck. Singhraj is back in the top 3; he is third with two shots to go. It’s a bronze medal for Singhraj, who scores 216.8!

Manish Narwal and Singhraj Adana qualify for the men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 final. They finished first and sixth respectively in qualifying. Deepender Singh finished 10th. Only the top eight qualify. Manish and Singhraj will be back in action at 11am.

Rubina will compete in the 10m Air Pistol Standing SH1 final at 8.30 am. Rubina is currently fifth in the standings.

Rubina Franciso is second be eliminated in the eight-shooter final, after shooting 14 shots. She finished seventh.


Bhagyashri Jadhavi finishes seventh with a personal best throw of 7m in the F34 Women’s Shot Put Final


Rakesh Kumar falls 143-145 to China’s Xinliang AI in the individual Compound Open quarterfinal.


Doubles pair of Bhavina Patel and Sonal Patel goes 0-3 to Chinese Y Zhou and B Zhang in doubles 4-5 quarterfinal match and 0-2 overall.


Rakesh Kumara vs Marian Marecak (SLO)- Men Ind. Compound (1/8 Elimination)

  • Rakesh Kumara vs. China’s Ai Xinliang in the quarterfinals (8:34 a.m.)
  • Rakesh wins 140-137 and advances to the quarterfinals.
  • Rakesh and Marian both score 29 in the final.
  • Rakesh Kumar overcomes his two point deficit after End 2 and leads 111-108 after End 4.


Bhagyashri Jadhav- Women’s Shot Put F34 Final

  • She throws a personal best of 7.00m in her sixth and final attempt.
  • Bhagyashri begins the proceedings.

Simran Sharma- Women’s 100m T13 Round 1- Heat 2

  • Simran clocked a season best timing of 12.69 seconds.
  • Simran fails to qualify for the final as she finishes fifth in her Heat.


Rubina Francis- Women’s 10m Standing Air Pistol Qualifier SH1

  • Rubina will compete in the final to 8.30 AM IS.
  • With a total of 560.0, Rubina qualifies for the final in seventh place.
  • Rubina scored 93 twice in her last two series and is seventh.
  • Rubina is 4th at the end of Series 4.
  • Rubina registers 95 and 92 respectively in the third and fourth series.
  • Rubina is placed second after scoring 91 and 96 in her first two series.
  • Rubina will soon start action on the Asaka Shooting Range

Stay tuned! Live coverage will start soon.

Indians in action on August 31 (Timings in IST):

6:00 am- Shooting – 10m Women’s Air Pistol SH1 Qualification – Rubina Francis

6:56 am- Athletics – Women’s Shot Put F34 Finals – Bhagyashri Jadhav

7:08 a.m.- Athletics- Women’s 100m- T13 Round 1- Heat 2- Simran Sharma

7:12 am- Archery – Men’s Individual Compound (Open 1/8 Elimination) – Rakesh Kumar vs Marian Marecak (Slovakia)

08:00- Table tennis- Women’s Team Class 4-5 Quarter Finals – China vs India

08:30- Shooting – Women’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Final – Rubina Francis (If she qualifies)

08:30- Shooting – Men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Qualification – Manish Narwal, Deepender Singh and Singhraj

8:34 a.m.- Archery – Men’s Individual Compound (Open Quarter Finals) – Rakesh Kumar vs TBD (Only if Rakesh wins the Open 1/8 Elimination Round)

09:08 onwards- Archery – Men’s Individual Compound (Open Semifinals) – Rakesh Kumar vs TBD (only if Rakesh wins the Quarterfinals)

9:48 a.m. and beyond- Archery – Men’s Individual Compound (Open Final/ Medal Round) – Rakesh Kumar vs TBD (Only if Rakesh wins the semi-final, if he loses then there will be a bronze medal match at 9:48am)

11 a.m.- Shooting – Men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 Finals – Manish Narwal, Deepender Singh and Singhraj (if either qualifies for the final)

3:55 p.m.- Athletics – Men’s High Jump – Final T63 – Mariyappan Thangavelu, Sharad Kumar and Varun Singh Bhati

4.40 pm- Athletics – Women’s 100m T13 Final – Simran Sharma (if she qualifies)


  • When will Indian athletes play at the Tokyo Paralympic Games today?
    Events of Indian importance at the Tokyo Paralympic Games will begin on August 31, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. IST.
  • Where can you watch the Tokyo Paralympic Games in India?
    The Tokyo Paralympic Games can be watched live in India at Eurosport and bydarshan. It can also be streamed online through the official channel of Prasar Bharati sports and DD National on Youtube.


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