True or False Does vaccination increase the viral load by 251 in case of Delta variant infection, as MP Martine Wonner claims?

True or False Does vaccination increase the viral load by 251 in case of Delta variant infection, as MP Martine Wonner claims?

A booster dose for the most vulnerable. While people over 65 and people with comorbidities can benefit from an extra dose of Covid-19 vaccine since August 30, the mobilization against mandatory vaccination of certain professionals and the health pass continues in the country. fierce opponent by vaccines against Covid-19, the Member of Parliament for Bas-Rhin Martine Wonner was thus present in the Strasbourg procession of the August 28 demonstration, reports France Blue.

The day before, the unregistered elected official (ex-LREM) again claimed on Twitter that vaccines were dangerous, according to his interpretation of a study from the prestigious University of Oxford. “Vaccinated hospital workers in Vietnam who contracted the Delta variant have 251 times the viral load” [aux] not vaccinated”, she said. And to finish: “Vaccinated people are super propagators.”

A study by the clinical research unit of the University of Oxford in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam looked closely at the transmission of the Delta variant among hospital health workers. A variant emerging in this Southeast Asian state that has prompted authorities to lock up the country with military support, reports International mail.

In this pre-publication by researchers for the scientific journal The Lancet and available online* As of August 10, the Anglo-Vietnamese team has identified 69 cases of Delta variant infection among the 900 health care providers at this hospital. The majority reported symptoms, but all recovered from the disease. And they had all been previously vaccinated with the product developed by AstraZeneca, a vaccine known to be effective against severe forms of the disease caused by the Delta variant, but which is limited against other symptomatic forms, making these infections possible.

An indicator of particular interest to researchers: the viral load of infected people. In other words, the amount of virus present in a sample taken from a patient’s blood, saliva, or other secretions that affects its transmissibility. And the result is striking: “The viral load of cases of infection with the Delta variant despite vaccination was 251 times higher than that of cases infected with the old strains detected between March and April 2020”, expose the authors of the pre-publication. This contradicts Martine Wonner’s allegations, as it is not the vaccination status of people that matters here, but the nature of the virus.

The MP appears to be taking up a misreading widely relayed by the US Anti-Vaccination Organization Child health defense*led by conspirator Robert F. Kennedy, who pushed researchers to publish a statement* August 28. “The differences in viral load were driven by the ability of the Delta variant to induce higher viral loads, explain the three representatives of the research team in this press release. They had nothing to do with the vaccination status of infected individuals.”

It is therefore the nature of the accused variant that would cause this increased amount of virus. What is not a discovery?. Several studies have shown that patients infected with the Delta variant indeed had a much higher viral load than for the initial forms of Sars-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19, South Korean research shows , which tells this ratio at 300, close to the figure given by the Anglo-Vietnamese team: Reuters*. A Chinese pre-publication*released in July continues and identifies roughly an average viral load “1000 times bigger” compared to Sars-Cov-2 strains detected in 2019.

What to increase the transmissibility of the virus between individuals: a study published on August 28 in the review The Lancet Infectious Diseases considers the Delta variant 40% to 60% more transmissible than the Alpha variant, which appeared in the UK at the end of 2020 and which was already more contagious than the initial strain. Asked by franceinfo, researchers from the University of Oxford emphasize: “that the evidence for the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing severe forms and deaths of Covid-19 is overwhelming”. And to encourage the public to get vaccinated, “an essential tool against Covid-19 and the dire consequences of the pandemic”.

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