Trump rants about media spending ‘all night’ on Ida instead of his ‘great’ Taliban deal

Trump rants about media spending ‘all night’ on Ida instead of his ‘great’ Taliban deal

Former President Donald Trump summoned to a conservative radio show Monday to complain about the media spending “all night” on Sunday covering the deadly and… Massively Devastating Hurricane Ida instead of his “great similarity” with the Taliban.

Trump’s Fate agreement, signed by his administration in February 2020, promised that the US would departure from Afghanistan on May 1 of that year, which did not happen. U.S troops finally withdrew on Monday after 20 years of war.

“Afghanistan isn’t even something that can be discussed rationally,” Trump told host Todd Starnes. “The level of stupidity – and we had a great agreement,” he added.

Several political observers and international pundits have blamed Trump’s deal for: encourage the Taliban and laying the groundwork for the chaos of the US military’s departure under Trump’s successor, President Joe Biden, this month.

Kori Schake, who worked for the National Security Council and State Department in the George W. Bush administration, called Trump’s overly Taliban-friendly deal “one of the most outrageous diplomatic bargains everlast week. Trump caused the “strongest state in the international order” to be “frauded by a terrorist organization,” she added.

Trump also boasted to Starnes that 68,000 people were with him maskless political rally in Alabama earlier this month. He the actual numbers inflated by more than 50%, according to estimates by the Secret Service and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have the people,” he said. “They won’t take this.”

Trump then continued to rant about the “media, which is fake and crooked and corrupt, they are the worst people, they are the most corrupt people.”

“The only thing I don’t understand is why. They must hate our country. And they are in fact the enemy of the people. But the corrupt media is showing the hurricane all night,” the former president added.

Starnes tried, but couldn’t get a word in. Check out their exchange at the top.

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