Two New SA Exposure Sites As Third Truck Driver Passes

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Two New SA Exposure Sites As Third Truck Driver Passes

New exposure sites of a third infectious truck driver have been released as SA authorities announce new arrangements at the Queensland border.

Up to 100 people linked to multiple exposure sites in South Australia visited by three infectious truck drivers have yet to be contacted, authorities say.

SA Health has quarantined at least 225 people after it was determined they visited 14 exposure sites in Adelaide, Port Wakefield, Port Augusta Ceduna and Nundroo, near the WA border.

Of those identified as close or secondary contacts, nearly three quarters returned negative tests.

Contact tracers tried to track down at least 100 people on Tuesday who were afraid they had come into contact with the three truck drivers.

On Monday, at least 24 people linked to two infectious trucks in Perth were yet to be traced.

It comes as border restrictions have been eased with South East Queensland, which includes 11 council areas around Greater Brisbane, and Katherine in the NT, the state’s Covid-19 chief has announced.

The Transitional Commission advised Police Commissioner Grant Stevens on Tuesday that the testing rules could be scrapped.

The legal indications, which will cease immediately, travelers had requested three sets of tests for fourteen days and to self-isolate until a first negative result.

Mr Stevens, who as a state Covid-19 coordinator authorizes all legal directions, said the rules could relax after “sufficient infection-free days in the community”.

There are no border restrictions with those two states.

Mr Stevens also signaled positive changes in private affairs, especially weddings, later this week. Current rules limit guests to 150 people, with dancing for everyone except the bridal party.

It comes as two new exposure sites were announced after a third contagious truck driver visited areas north of Adelaide on Monday.

“We … had an important discussion regarding private activities. This is the category that most weddings and other receptions fall under,” Stevens said.

“We will make changes towards private activities to free up activities in that particular sector, for weddings. We’re not quite sure what those changes will be yet.

“SA Health will be reaching out to industry representatives in the coming days to see how we can release things in that particular environment, but in a safe way.”

He hoped changes would be appropriate for the industry, but “can be done safely with the understanding that we have identified weddings in particular as environments where Covid-19 can spread quite effectively”.

“So we’re trying to strike that balance with that particular sector that can generate a little bit of activity,” he said.

“People who are planning to get married can go ahead with their plans and we will see fewer cancellations as we approach this part of the year.”

Mr Stevens said the committee also briefly discussed hospitality rules, as authorities were closely monitoring the sector “to make sure they can act as effectively as possible and manage that risk”.

“Keeping in mind that we’ve had three positive truck drivers in South Australia in the past few days, all from NSW, it’s a timely reminder to people that we’re not through this yet,” he said.

“We are fortunate to have the level of activity in South Australia that we have, but we are still… in a race against time to get to the point where the vaccination program kicks in and we can lift these restrictions completely . .”

Two new Covid-19 exposure sites have been unveiled after a third contagious truck driver passed through South Australia.

SA Health announced the new locations around 11pm Monday, after the Covid-positive NSW truck driver passed through Port Wakefield and Gepps Cross on Monday.

Mr Stevens said the last truck driver was quarantined at home in NSW but had provided SA Health contact tracers with relevant information about his travels.

“I have heard that the truck driver involved has been very cooperative and provided a wealth of information about his movements and that is only being verified at this point,” he said.

“Looks like we’re working on this very early on. The truck driver was only in SA yesterday and we are already taking action to those exposure sites.

“If we’re going to have raids, these are the strains we want the most because we seem to be recovering pretty quickly.”

Anyone who visited Port Wakefield’s new On the Run on Monday, August 30 from 1:50 PM to 3:20 PM – which was until recently a BP truck stop and still has BP signs – on Snowtown Rd from 1:50 PM to 3:20 PM, must be tested immediately, quarantined for 14 days and received. Covid testing on days five and 13.

Everyone who has visited the newly opened Metcash Distribution Center at Gepps Cross, on Port Wakefield Rd, between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Monday, symptoms should be checked and tested if they develop.

It’s coming as authorities scramble to find potential close contacts of two infectious truck drivers who passed through regional SA last week.

More than 140 people have been quarantined after visiting 14 exposure sites the trucks visited in the past 10 days, three quarters of whom returned a negative test.

The truck drivers, who were in one truck, made two trips across the state, creating exposure sites in Port Augusta, Ceduna, and Nundroo.

Both truck drivers are from Western Australia.


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