Tyron Woodley claims his camp argued over the ropes with the commission prior to the fight with Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley claims his camp argued over the ropes with the commission prior to the fight with Jake Paul

‘The Chosen One’ Tyron Woodley is rallying for his rematch against Jake Paul after losing a split decision on August 29.

T-Wood revealed during an Instagram Live session that the ropes around the ring held up Jake Paul when he was hit with one of Tyron Woodley’s best shots during the fight. ‘The Chosen One’ said:

“I hit him with the power shots, the rope held him up. I want to share a story with you. I always do a walkthrough every time I do a fight. I’ve been doing this since my first ever UFC fight. I went to the arena, we did the whole walk I look at the ropes, the ropes are on my head here I’m like, what kind of a ring is this “Why are the ropes so high? ‘Oh, we got this rope for Earl Spencer,’ they called me all these people they had the ropes for.”

The fight was a very close affair. Tyron Woodley believes he did more than Jake Paul to win the match and is even ready to get an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo if that’s what he needs to get a rematch.

Tyron Woodley describes why ropes play an essential role in boxing matches

Tyron Woodley stated that he argued with the committee over the rope. The former UFC welterweight champion described how higher-than-usual ropes can make a difference in the way a fight goes:

“A lot of times people use the ropes when someone hits you, you fade back and come out and hit. That’s basically a tactic. I said, how do you do that when your head is pressed? So when you get hit, you go a little folding in the rope or if you get hit and you get off the ropes, it keeps you from hitting the ground. He said, ‘No, no, no, we want to make it safe so no one falls out of the ring.’ I’m like, look under the ring, you’ve got a mile from the first rope to the canvas. A WWE bastard can roll in and tap in if you want to. So we had a whole fight.”

Watch the full Instagram Live session here:

The significant difference in size between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley could also be one of the reasons why the height of the rope may have been an advantage for ‘The Problem Child’.

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