Vlad hits 2 home runs, Jays wins

Vlad hits 2 home runs, Jays wins

Orioles 3 Blue Jays 7

We had 3 hits with RISP. I’m not going to check, but I’d say we haven’t had 3 hits with RISP all month. Ok, exaggeration for effect, but that’s how it felt.

Robbie Ray was, again, just amazing. 7 innings, only 4 hits, 2 earned, 1 walk and 10 strikeouts. He gave up a homerun, in the first inning, to Ryan Mountcastle, then a run in the sixth on a walk and two basehits. Every time he’s there, he looks more like a Cy Young candidate.

And our attack got 4 runs, which seemed like a dozen. It is only the second time in the last 10 games that we have scored no less than 4 points.

We scored:

  • One in the fourth: Vlad crushed a home run (423 feet). It was a very Vlad-esque moment, the slider of the first pitch and Vlad took it and more or less nodded. The next pitch was a fastball and he hit everything.
  • Three in the sixth: George Springer (isn’t it great to have him back) led off with a single. Marcus Semien walk. Vlad grounded out and moved the runners. Bo Bichette singled to bring in one. And Teoscar Hernandez doubled to bring home two more. Bichette ran through Luis Rivera’s stop sign to score. The throw home was just a little off-line. If it had been on goal, it would have been a close play. We almost got another run. Teoscar in third place went on contact on an Alejandro Kirk ground ball. The game on the plate was very close. Called to the field, I thought he was hardly safe, but the challenge was not going our way.
  • Three in the seventh: Kevin Smith led off the inning with a walk. Jarrod Dyson crushed Smith and went up. Springer walked (his third time on base). And an out later, Vlad hits his second homerun of the game. This one only 408 feet, but hit 112.1 MPH.

It was a much better game for the attack:

  • Springer was hit by a pitch, singled and walked. And he stole a base, the backend of a double steal.
  • Vlad had the 2 home runs.
  • Bichette was 1 for 4.
  • Teoscar had the big double, hopefully that will get his bat going.
  • Dyson singled, walked and stole the bases (he was picked off first).

Joakim Soria threw a very fast eighth. And Trent Thornton started. He gave up a lead-off walk. Then a deep fly-out. Then he got a pop-up short of the mound, all the infielders came in, but Bo tripped over the mound and no one took matters into their own hands. Usually Vlad takes the lead, but this time he didn’t. A ground ball ended his day. He was pretty unlucky, I saw the ground ball and thought double play, but it missed the infielders.

Jordan Romano retired the last two of his 14th save and threw 10 pitches.

Jays of the day: Vlad (.211 WPA), Ray (.157) and Teoscar (.159).

No Jays has the Suckage number.

Tomorrow we have Hyun Jin Ryu (12-7, 3.88) vs. Keegan Akin (1-8, 7.26).

We had 483 comments in the GameThread. It was a lot of fun to watch a, maybe not an outburst, but a match that we had good control over. DangYouToHeck led us to a nice win.

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