what happens in hospitals – Time

what happens in hospitals – Time

An extension of the green pass or a form of compulsory vaccination for at least 40 years is necessary. The Secretary of State for Health Pierpaolo Sileri. “I wouldn’t wait until October, it would be too late. Let’s evaluate what is happening in Northern Europe and decide”. On the obligation, Sileri declares that it is a path that, if chosen, “must be taken at the European level”, he confirmed on Tuesday August 31 at Agorà Estate on Rai3.

“Today we have almost 4 million people who have not been vaccinated against Covid. And there is another wave coming. This is inevitable. Now we have the fourth wave supported by the Delta variant which mainly affected the unvaccinated and those on the second dose.. There will be a revival in the autumn, especially for the unvaccinated,” says the state secretary, summarizing with a shock forecast.

“If these numbers remain, we will probably have to suffer the deaths of 30,000 people, given the unvaccinated. This is not acceptable. It is the last step. We must vaccinate and protect the population,” said the health secretary. “Today it is easier to die from Covid than from cancer, in the same period. Anyone who says they don’t believe in Covid is talking nonsense.”

“In a year and a half, we’ve had 130,000 deaths. We’ve got another 30,000 ahead if they don’t get vaccinated. Our hospitals have never seen things like this. It hasn’t happened in all of human history. But not even in the second war. Have you ever seen 130,000 people die of cancer in one year, with numbers so concentrated in one part of the country? Nothing like this has ever happened. Is it possible, Sileri continued, “that everyone is talking about something they don’t know? Let’s let the scientists talk. Let’s let politics decide, thank God we have a very large majority that can do it. But that’s enough, because 30,000 deaths in the coming months, he doesn’t want anyone. I’m already bothered by the past 130,000. I do not want anymore. Point.’

Sileri goes back to beating on one point, that of those who have other serious pathologies and can’t take care of themselves as they should. “I am concerned about the thousands of potential deaths from Covid in the next inevitable wave. But I am also very concerned about what is not being done in the hospital today. Hospitals are constantly waiting to protect the population from Covid. And some things aren’t done yet: performances that are delayed and that over time, even if they are benign, can cause harm to the population. This can no longer be tolerated. We have to convince everyone to get vaccinated.”


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