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what will change for school, transport and university – Corriere.it

From September 1, the green pass will be mandatory for planes, long-distance trains and ships, for universities and schools: all rules

The green pass it will be obligated to take high-speed and long-distance trains, to board a plane or ship (with a few exceptions), but also to take classes at the university or to teach in all schools. From 1 September in fact the rules are intended by the decree of 6 August with regard to for transport-, school e University. Rules
which will be added to those already envisaged, such as the obligation of the green pass in buildings indoors, in swimming pools and gyms and for enter the stadium.

The green certification (who the guide on how to download it) can be obtained in three different ways and each allows you to obtain a pass of different duration:
• negative result of an antigen or molecular smear in the last 48 hours (duration of certification: 48 hours);
• vaccination, with a single dose or double dose. In the first case, the certificate is valid after 15 days after administration and until the date of the recall. In the second, however, the validity is 9 months (but there is already green light from the Cts to extend it to 12 months)
• recovery from Covid-19 (certification duration: 6 months).

Now let’s see in detail what the regulations who comes in? valid from September 1 as regards transport, school and university. That all other innovations introduced by the decree of 6 August, such as the provisions on the price of tampons.


From September 1 to December 31, 2021, the green pass will be mandatory to get on everything high speed trains (Trenitalia and Italo),
Intercity, Intercity Night, ships and ferries for interregional transport e airplanes with national route (to go abroad, the green pass was already mandatory). The maritime connections in the Strait of Messina are an exception, the green pass is not required on board. But green certification will also be needed to get on buses connecting two regions and create longer tourist routes, on buses for hire with a driver (excluding buses used in additional local and regional public transport).

Local public transport

To get to the vehicles used for: local and regional public transport (metro, tram, bus, regional train) the green certificate is not required.

Transport exemptions

They can access planes, trains, ships and buses without having to have a green pass i children under 12 years (who are excluded from the vaccination campaign due to the lack of an approved vaccine for their age group) and persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.


Everything from September 1 school staff in order to work, he must have the green pass. Those who do not respect the rule will not be able to access the school facilities and will be considered in “unjustified absence“. After five days of unauthorized absence, the employment relationship will be suspended and the employee will no longer receive a salary. To replace the staff absent due to lack of green certification, there will be deputies, whose costs will be covered thanks to the allocation of 358 million euros foreseen in the same decree. To the students the green pass is not necessary. Classes will take place in attendance, wearing a mandatory mask, and access to institutes with a body temperature above 37.5° is prohibited. Waiting for platform that allows an automated verification of the green certification, schools will be able to rely on – reads a circular from the ministry – a “Multiple Verifiers” who will use the Verification C19 app.


To access Italian universities it is: the green pass is mandatory from 1 Sept. The same rule applies to school staff (after five days of unjustified absence, the employment relationship and salary are suspended). With a next step compared to what is foreseen for schools: even university students they are required to show the green certificate in order to attend the lessons in person or take the exams.

Exemptions for schools and universities

The school and university staff exempt from the vaccination campaign for:
health reasons he does not have to purchase the green pass, as is the case with transport. The same goes for university students who cannot be vaccinated on the advice of their doctor. Anyway, it is it is necessary to show “appropriate certification”.

The demonstration against the mandatory green pass
On the occasion of the first day of the mandatory green certification, the “No green pass” was announced block from main Italian stations. “Won’t they let us take the train without a slave passport?” Then no one will leave!”: This is the sentence on the poster of the manifestation announced on Sept. The meeting is outside the stations at 2:30 p.m. and some fifty stations have been affected by the block.

The critique of the trade unions

To criticize the demonstration, the trade union organizations Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti: «Let’s say no to hazards to block trains in major Italian stations tomorrow, September 1. The unions want “a necessary reconsideration by the protesters” because “the risks associated with such a protest are clear and a safety plan is needed to protect workers and users”. Rail transport, they explain, is an “essential public service guaranteeing citizens’ constitutional right to mobility. Whoever decides to arbitrarily suspend it in the name of the freedom not to be vaccinated would not gain union support, both because it would break the law and because the union is supporting the vaccination campaign for both workers and public service users. ”. And they reaffirm theirs support for the vaccine as “the only weapon to defeat the pandemic and enable people not to get sick, to live, work, spend free time on various activities and travel safely”.

The Undersecretary of the Interior Carlo Sibilia, who commented on the “No Green Pass” threats of a blocking of Italian stations with a tweet: “If someone causes a nuisance to train traffic tomorrow by blocking the stations, they will file a complaint for public service interruption “It’s one thing to demonstrate peacefully, it’s another to inconvenience other people by actually committing a crime. We will have to be uncompromising.”

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