Working dogs abandoned in Afghanistan face ‘death or worse’, animal rights group says

Working dogs abandoned in Afghanistan face ‘death or worse’, animal rights group says

US citizens and Afghan allies were not the only ones left behind by the Biden administration in its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The US military has abandoned its contracted working dogs, according to a pronunciation Monday evening by a large animal welfare organization.

American Humane condemned the effective “death sentence” issued by the US withdrawal from Kabul in favor of the Islamist Taliban militia for contract working dogs.

“These brave dogs do the same dangerous, life-saving work as our military working dogs and deserved a much better fate than the fate they are condemned to,” said Robin R. Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane.

“It makes us sick to watch idly as these brave dogs who have served our country bravely are put to death or worse,” he said.

American Humane, which has trained and rescued service animals since World War I, said it would “help transport these contract K-9 soldiers to U.S. soil” and “take care of their lifelong medical care.”

In the statement from the animal welfare group, Mr. Ganzert that contract dogs should upgrade their status to avoid such abandonment in the future.

“We call on Congress to take action to classify contract working dogs at the same level as military working dogs. Failure to do anything less is a failure of humanity and a condemnation of all of us,” he said.

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